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Tuesday - January 20, 2015
The past week has afforded plenty of fodder for conversation here in the Linux blogosphere: the MintBox Mini; the Steam for Linux file-deletion bug; and the latest in the Systemd saga, for example. However, this week seems like a good time to revisit some classic gems from days gone by -- particularly the sweet spot that can be found at the intersection of Linux and Love. [More...]

Monday - January 19, 2015
Adobe has plugged a big hole in its mobile line with Lightroom for Android. Covering both iOS and Android leaves little mobile turf unclaimed. "In reality, they are the only two necessary mobile platforms for any one app vendor to support. Windows and the rest are good to have, but most app developers choose iOS first and then add Android later," said Gartner analyst Brian Blau. [More...]

Thursday - January 15, 2015
Security questions recently have been raised about Docker, a promising technology for running applications in the cloud. Docker is an open source initiative that allows applications to be run in containers for flexibility and mobility only dreamt of in the past. "Since the 70s, programmers have been talking about reusable code and the ability to migrate applications," noted IDC analyst Al Gillen. [More...]

Wednesday - January 14, 2015
Samsung is not even close to abandoning Android -- at least, not yet -- but it is tinkering with an operating system of its own, Tizen. The company just introduced the Z1, a smartphone that runs Tizen, in India. "India's mobile market is ... open to new smartphone platforms that are open source, can provide unique local solutions, and are adaptable across multiple brands," Samsung said. [More...]

Tuesday - January 13, 2015
Well it was a fairly quiet week here in the Linux blogosphere, as much of the mainstream tech world staggered directly out of their New Year's revelries and into the halls of CES. Not that Linux didn't have a presence at the gargantuan show, mind you. It was there, all right -- not just in phones but in TVs, smartwatches and cars, to name just a few examples. [More...]

Monday - January 12, 2015
Consumers may not care which OS runs their smart TV, but they do want all of their home and personal technology to work together, and that's where Tizen might have an edge. Tizen's compatibility with other devices can establish a Samsung smart TV as the control center of any smart home, the company said, setting the standard for future smart TVs and redefining the entertainment experience. [More...]

Thursday - January 8, 2015
It's the dawn of a new year here in the Linux blogosphere, and that means the power is in our hands to make 2015 better than the last one. At least in theory, the Systemd Inferno possibly, could be extinguished over these next 12 months; Devuan could thrive -- or not; and Linux in general could see its best year yet. What actually will happen? That is the subject of more than a few musings. [More...]

Tuesday - January 6, 2015
Free open source office suites to read, write, convert or replace the industry-standard Microsoft Office document formats are in ample supply. Yet their use in business and government, especially in the U.S., lags far behind proprietary products. The Document Foundation, creator of the LibreOffice variant of the free OpenOffice suite, recently joined the Open Source Business Alliance. [More...]

Monday - December 29, 2014
Well we're into the last few days of 2014 here in the Linux blogosphere, and fortunately the tequila supplies down at the Broken Windows Lounge continue to hold strong. The weather outside may be frightful, but the refreshments -- like the software -- remain nothing short of delightful. It didn't take long for bloggers to slip into a sentimental mood as they reminisced about the waning year. [More...]

Monday - December 22, 2014
Well the holidays are pretty much upon us at last here in the Linux blogosphere, and there's nowhere left to hide. The next two weeks or so promise little more than a blur of forced social occasions and too-large meals, punctuated only by occasional respite down at the Broken Windows Lounge. Perhaps that's why Linux bloggers seized with such glee upon a good old-fashioned mystery. [More...]

Friday - December 19, 2014
The Open Invention Network, or OIN, is waging a global campaign to keep Linux out of harm's way in patent litigation. Its efforts have resulted in more than 1,000 companies joining forces to become the largest defense patent management organization in history. The Open Invention Network was created in 2005 as a white hat organization to protect Linux from license assaults. [More...]

Thursday - December 18, 2014
Docker has moved from an obscure Linux project to one of the most popular open source technologies in cloud computing. Project developers have witnessed millions of Docker Engine downloads. Hundreds of Docker groups have formed in 40 countries. Many more companies are announcing Docker integration. Even Microsoft will ship Windows 10 with Docker preinstalled. [More...]

Tuesday - December 16, 2014
It's surely a testament to the shocking nature of the recent news about Devuan that the Linux blogosphere has been a rather quiet place of late. Yes, there was last week's Turla news, and yes, the holiday season is looming large, likely dampening more than a few spirits. Still, the atmosphere definitely has been subdued down at the blogosphere's seedy Punchy Penguin Saloon. [More...]

Thursday - December 11, 2014
4MLinux is a unique mini Linux distribution that tries to be what it is not. Its limited-purpose design is too basic for even lightweight distro functions. Much of any benefit users might derive from 4MLinux mimics what already is available from USB-launched pocket Linux distros such as Puppy Linux, Porteus and Knoppix. However, much of their advanced functionality is missing from 4MLinux. [More...]

Wednesday - December 10, 2014
Brian Ward presents a solid technical view of the Linux OS in a thoroughly updated second edition of How Linux Works. He delves into why it works as it does and how to handle its complexities. Much of this book does for Linux users what a mechanic's shop book does for automotive enthusiasts. By telling users why Linux performs as it does, he empowers them to use the OS more masterfully. [More...]

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