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IBM CEO Palmisano Forecasts IT Spending Growth
November 13, 2003
IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has disclosed that private enterprises intend to increase technology spending next year. Offering the first quantified look at the recovery that technology firms have hinted at in recent weeks, Palmisano said most companies plan modest boosts of between 2 and 4 percent.
Strong Holiday E-Commerce Forecast Tempered by Security Fears
November 12, 2003
Consumers are gearing up for another strong online holiday shopping season, but they continue to express concern about the security aspects of buying via the Web, according to a survey commissioned by the Business Software Alliance.
Cisco Buys Latitude in $80M Deal
November 12, 2003
In an effort to build on momentum generated by a robust earnings report, Cisco Systems has reached an agreement to buy Latitude Communications, a software firm that makes Web conferencing products. Cisco said it will pay $3.95 for each share of Latitude stock, making the deal worth an estimated $80 million.
Microsoft's New, Low-Cost Virtual PC To Run Linux
November 10, 2003
Microsoft has released Virtual PC 2004 to manufacturers, completing a lengthy product-customization process that began when the software giant acquired Connectix earlier this year. The Redmond, Washington-based company also said it will lower the sticker price of Virtual PC by $100, to $129, and predicted the product will be ready for sale by the end of this year.
The Rock-Bottom World of Overstock.com
November 10, 2003
Overstock.com, which offers up to 80 percent off the sticker price of items ranging from dresses to computers, has become a favorite bargain-hunting destination for many online shoppers, following a rough start. Will it manage to stay at the top, or could it end up as low as its price tags?
Corporate Names and the Problem of Googlization
November 10, 2003
Ever heard, "Did you google today?" or, "Go try googling, and you will find it?" Watch out for this sort of lingo. To most people it may sound like free advertising for Google, but in reality it could be a nightmare for the corporation.
AMD Predicts Rosy 2004, May Start Hiring
November 07, 2003
Chipmaker AMD has said it sees signs of improving market conditions and will start "selectively hiring" during 2004 to meet an anticipated increase in demand. The company said it expects to post a profit in the fourth quarter and is optimistic about at least the first half of 2004, thanks to what executives called a "mini-boomlet" in the PC market.
How Small Businesses Can Afford E-Commerce
November 07, 2003
With many online behemoths still struggling to turn a profit in the e-commerce sector, smaller businesses may question whether the online sales model is truly a road to riches or just a pipedream. In the latest incarnation of SMB e-business, many companies are abandoning their aging homegrown systems in favor of prepackaged software.
Cisco Crushes Estimates But Keeps Outlook Conservative
November 06, 2003
Cisco Systems blew past Wall Street targets for revenue and earnings in its first quarter as telecommunications companies, government agencies and consumers helped power the Internet gear maker's sales to strong growth.
The Bottom Line of the Notebook Boom - Part 2
November 06, 2003
The first installment of this two-part series explored the notion that despite consumers' increasing demand for strong multimedia capabilities, vendors' low-end notebook computers can be a suitable replacement for home desktop PCs. Of course, there are some tradeoffs to be made.
The Bottom Line of the Notebook Boom
November 05, 2003
Executive road warriors probably would not want to tote Dell's $849 Inspiron 1100 or Gateway's $699 M305S. However, while sub-$1,000 notebook computers may be bulkier and less technologically cutting-edge than their more streamlined siblings, they still pack a powerful punch for a consumer's buck.
Novell Buys Linux Vendor SuSE for $210M
November 04, 2003
In a move that could significantly alter the Linux competitive landscape, Novell has said it will buy privately held Linux vendor SuSE for $210 million in cash. As part of the agreement, Novell also will accept a $50 million cash investment from IBM when the deal closes.
Yahoo Shutters Enterprise Unit
November 03, 2003
Yahoo has discontinued its enterprise software division, which it initially set up to push its messaging and Internet broadcast offerings onto corporate desktops. The company laid off an undisclosed number of workers at locations in California, Dallas and Atlanta as a result of the division closing.
The Real Cost of Online Music
November 01, 2003
Now that Apple's iTunes Music Store (iTMS) does Windows and Napster has been rehabilitated, more people are venturing into the world of legal music downloads. However, the onset of legal music download services has brought a new issue front and center: sound quality. Are online music files really as good as CDs?
IBM Pounces as HP Cuts Loose Server Line
October 31, 2003
Hewlett-Packard has announced it plans to stop actively selling its e3000 servers, which have a history stretching back more than 30 years. Meanwhile, HP rival IBM is seeking to use the discontinuance to convince HP customers to switch to its products.
Microsoft Opens Door to Longhorn Developers
October 30, 2003
Perhaps the most significant event at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, which ran from Sunday through Thursday in Los Angeles, was the company's release of a developers version of its upcoming Windows OS, also known as Longhorn.
Are We Ready for E-Voting?
October 30, 2003
It's a beautiful vision: No more long lines of people waiting to vote at local elementary schools or city community centers. No more shuttling back home during a workday to stand in those lines. The dream of electronic voting, or e-voting, almost certainly will become a reality -- but probably not in the next few years.
HP CEO Fiorina: HP Will Adapt, Not Acquire
October 29, 2003
In an effort to downplay rumors that Hewlett-Packard will seek to beef up its consulting division by purchasing a major computer services company, such as EDS, HP CEO Carly Fiorina said she has passed on opportunities to make additional acquisitions. Instead, she said, she will focus on her company's ability to innovate.
The Future of Online Gambling
October 29, 2003
In part 1 of this article, "The High-Stakes World of Online Gambling," the E-Commerce Times looked at the state of the Internet betting industry and its remarkable popularity. Even with the potential for anti-gambling laws on the horizon, the industry seems to be going full speed ahead. What does the future hold for this expanding empire?
The High-Stakes World of Online Gambling
October 28, 2003
Just as Las Vegas pioneer Bugsy Siegel imagined a city of dice games and slot machines in the middle of the desert, entrepreneurs looked at the Web a few years ago and saw an audience hungry for online gaming. They were right to suspect there was gold in all those clicks.
Chipmaker Price Cuts Could Boost PC Sales
October 27, 2003
Intel and AMD, the two largest makers of computer chips, have said they will cut prices in advance of the peak holiday sales season. The move could be just what the doctor ordered for PC sales, which showed signs of stabilizing earlier this year and are starting to clock strong growth rates again, according to IDC analyst Loren Loverde.
BroadVision Bets on the New E-Commerce Upsurge
October 27, 2003
As BroadVision celebrates its first decade in the e-business arena, the company is breaking the silence it has maintained for the past several quarters, in which it flew under the radar as it reorganized and refocused its business. Now, the firm is fiscally healthier and hungry for new customers -- but it is facing a high hurdle.
Google Says IPO Could Come Soon
October 24, 2003
Executives at search engine powerhouse Google have been meeting with investment bankers in recent weeks, fueling widespread speculation that the company will stage an initial public offering soon, possibly in the first quarter of 2004.
Microsoft Expands Code-Viewing Program
October 23, 2003
Microsoft has said it will expand its "most valuable professionals" program, offering access to code that powers Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Previously, access through the Shared Source Initiative was limited to specialized versions of Windows software, such as CE for mobile computing and .NET Web services tools.

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