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Study: Topnotch Customer Service Yields Strong Returns
October 11, 2013
There is a significant performance gap between companies that fully apply best customer service practices and those that are inconsistent in their approach, according to a new report from the Miller Heiman Research Institute. There was a gap of 13 percent between the two groups of companies in performance metrics such as account acquisition, customer retention, account billing and revenue growth.
Groupon Adds a Dash of CRM to Its Breadcrumb POS App
October 10, 2013
On Wednesday Groupon announced that it has added new CRM features to its Breadcrumb point-of-sale app with the potential to drive traffic and improve customer relations for Groupon merchants. Customer tracking, for instance, is one of the new features now included in Breadcrumb. The software tracks customers, stores their contact information, analyzes purchase behaviors and records notes on their preferences.
Feds Hankering for Mobile IT Management Solutions
October 09, 2013
The acquisition process for the latest innovation must keep pace with the ever changing IT landscape. In the public sector, that process has surfaced in acquisition vehicles related to cloud technology, data management and IT security. For the U.S. government, the GSA has become a focal point for developing contract vehicles and programs to facilitate the acquisition of innovative IT.
Microsoft Tops Corporate Social Responsibility Rankings
October 04, 2013
Microsoft has topped the Reputation Institute's Global CSR RepTrak 100 Study for the second year in a row. The institute surveyed 55,000 consumers worldwide about their attitudes toward the reputations of companies in terms of corporate social responsibility. Google, which was No. 2 last year, fell to third place. Four of the top 10 companies in the study are tech firms.
Big Data and the Customer Analytics Challenge
October 03, 2013
Big Data is changing the game around customer analytics, giving organizations the means to develop far better analytics about their customers than ever before. Numerous examples, in fact, illustrate how high-performing and cost-effective Big Data processing can shed a world of new insight on customers' wants and preferences.
Taking the Showrooming Out of Holiday Shopping
October 01, 2013
There are many reasons marketers today are gearing up their mobile strategies for the holiday season, and not all of them are as obvious as one might think. Yes, revenue and competition are of course key factors, but in this Internet era, so is a third: Namely, a proactive, aggressive mobile CRM and marketing campaign is the only way to play offense in a season and industry now characterized by showrooming.
Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Sails On
September 25, 2013
Like any major trade show, OpenWorld has been in planning for a long time. However, this OpenWorld might be the most planned show of its kind ever, because in addition to the extravaganza taking place in the Moscone Center, many of the hotels in the area and even in closed-off streets, an important sideshow and object lesson -- America's Cup -- is taking place in San Francisco Bay.
Marketers Relying on Mobile to Make the Season Bright
September 24, 2013
The holiday season is upon us; even those uninitiated in the ways and means of retail can see it in the Halloween decorations and candy that are now so plentiful on store shelves. For the initiated -- that is, anyone who expects to make a buck off of the holiday shoppers this year -- not only is the season here, but plans to address it are already in place.
Peak Twitter?
September 19, 2013
There was a sampling of tweets in the article I read on the accounts of Twitter's S-1 announcement last week. My favorite was, "This is Peak Twitter," implying it was time to sell -- but that overlooks the inconvenient idea that there is little to sell yet -- nor is there a place for most of us to do so. The S-1 got me thinking about how many things have been subtly changing around the industry.
Reimagining Business Processes Drives the First Mover Advantage
September 18, 2013
It's easy to be blinded by the obvious. Something is right in front of you, but you attribute its effect to a different cause. The reason for a paradigm shift, for example, is not always the obvious causative agent. Dell became a great PC company, for instance, by mastering the logistics of just-in-time inventory, highly flexible manufacturing techniques and great logistics.
It's Still Early Days for Real-Time Bidding
September 17, 2013
Real-time bidding holds numerous benefits for mobile marketers, but there are downsides as well. In particular, the dominant theme to that downside is that RTB -- at least for mobile ad formats and mobile platforms -- is still in its early days. While the technology has been around for several years, it's only recently that it has scaled to the point where mobile marketers can use it.
The Shift to a Subscription Economy, Part 2
September 13, 2013
Marine liability insurer The Shipowners' Club has signed up to get IT service management from Axios Systems on a Software as a Service basis. It is going with the subscription solution to remove the cost and complexity of security, backups, implementation and upgrades while retaining full ownership of its data. That, in a nutshell, is why companies are moving to a subscription-based economy.
The Shift to a Subscription Economy, Part 1
September 12, 2013
Why buy when you can lease? That's a question businesses are asking both externally, as they offer products ranging from software to food, and internally, as they look at billing, ERP and other operations. The upshot is that corporations are moving toward a subscription-based model. Some are hoping to attract new customers and keep the ones they have, while others are hoping to drive revenue.
Subscription Economics
September 11, 2013
It is an old truism of economics that supply drives its own demand. While this is true, it leaves a lot unsaid. For example, a boatload of hula hoops could conceivably inspire a new generation of kids to pick up the toy, and nostalgic adults of a certain age might be compelled to see if they could still "do it," but it's just as likely that the supply would not spark much interest.
Efficiency Leads the List of Real-Time Bidding's Lures
September 10, 2013
With its ability to match ad-inventory supply and demand in real time against the attributes of any given viewer, real-time bidding is starting to make its way into the delivery of mobile ads. For marketers, it can be a very good thing. When it works as it is supposed to, it makes mobile marketing more efficient and cost-effective, said Chia-Lin Simmons of Harman International.
CRM Evolution Notes
August 28, 2013
One of the more interesting aspects of CRM Evolution, held in New York last week, is how many emerging companies attended and appear to be doing well. The big guys were there too -- either with booths or through attendance by senior people. You can get a false sense of the marketplace if you only attend Salesforce.com's Dreamforce, Microsoft Convergence, SAP Sapphire, or Oracle OpenWorld.
Real-Time Bidding Makes Its Way Into the Mobile Ad World
August 27, 2013
Real-time bidding is remaking the online ad industry with its approach of matching supply and demand of ad inventory in real time against the attributes of any given viewer. Now this trend is starting to creep into how mobile ads are delivered. First, the stats: There is little doubt that this technology is beginning to dominate the online ad industry.
The Age of Asymmetrical CRM
August 21, 2013
Am I making up a term? Maybe. This column is inspired by the continuing dreadful news out of PC land. Last week Dell announced its profits for the just finished quarter dropped 72 percent year over year and Lenovo took over the No. 1 one spot in PC manufacturing from HP, though both companies saw declines. Even though the declines in PC shipments are serious, the numbers being produced are still prodigious.
Wireless Customers Warm Up to Online Buying
August 19, 2013
Wireless customers are generally much happier with the quality of service they receive from providers via the companies' self-service websites than through other outlets, a new survey from J.D. Power reveals. In addition, they're happiest with AT&T among service providers, the study found. The semiannual report was split into two parts, focusing on full-service and noncontract purchase experiences.
Millennial Buys Rival Jumptap in Mobile Ad Push
August 15, 2013
Millennial Media announced on Tuesday that it will acquire competitor Jumptap in a stock transaction worth approximately $225 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Jumptap shareholders will receive approximately 24.6 million shares of Millennial Media. The combined company will be able to offer a number of services in this space that will be able to run across a variety of different screens.

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