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Huge Growth in Store for In-App Mobile Messaging
January 16, 2014
In-app mobile advertising is expected to jump significantly between now and 2018, according to new figures from Juniper Research. Ad spend in this category will reach $16.9 billion by 2018, up from $3.5 billion last year, the consulting group found. Smartphones currently account for approximately 70 percent of in-app ad spend, Juniper said, but that ratio is expected to change.
Yahoo's Mayer Highlights Content, Advertising, in Splashy Keynote
January 08, 2014
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has charted the course for her company's future, and the focus is more on media than technology. She revealed a number of new products and digital magazines during her keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas with a number of guests turning up to help make announcements. Mayer reported that Yahoo has acquired Aviate.
TV Apps: New Markets, New Revenue Possibilities
December 28, 2013
The TV industry has been quick to move into the app market, and these offerings may foster a new era for television services. The term "app" was initially coined for small applications that run on mobile devices, but apps are now common to several platforms, notably on smart TVs and game consoles. A TV app either initiates or includes functions related to television programming or services.
Facebook Gently Shoves Silent Video Ads in Users' Faces
December 19, 2013
Facebook this week announced the rollout of video ads in the mobile and desktop News Feeds of some of its members. The video will begin playing in silent mode when it appears onscreen. Clicking or tapping on it will turn on the sound. Users who don't want to watch the videos can scroll or swipe past them. Facebook is pushing this to advertisers as a richer storytelling format.
Twitter Nearby Could Trigger Major Marketing Opportunities
December 17, 2013
Twitter reportedly is testing Nearby, a new timeline feature for its mobile app that displays tweets from people who are geographically close. Both the users viewing the tweets and those tweeting must have their location tagging option enabled for the feature to work. The Nearby service will display tweets from people within a certain range, whether the user is following them or not.
US, Canada Take Heat for Fighter Jet-Escorted Santa
December 17, 2013
Some people are objecting to North American Aerospace Defense Command online updates on the whereabouts of Santa. The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is particularly off-put by a video that shows Santa's sleigh being escorted by fighter jets. NORAD maintains that the images are safe for children, pointing out that it has depicted jets accompanying Santa, Rudolph and Co. since the 1960s.
China: We've Got the Goods on Qualcomm
December 13, 2013
China has "substantial evidence" on Qualcomm in an antitrust probe, according to a report in the state-run China Daily that quotes Xu Kunlin, the head of the National Development and Reform Commission's anti-price-fixing bureau. The Daily didn't divulge any specific details -- just Xu's confident assertion that Qualcomm is squarely in the crosshairs.
It Was a Very Good Marketing, Partners and Platform Year
December 11, 2013
We are nearing year-end, and that means it's time for my annual year in review -- my assessment of things that will matter in the long run. From my spot, it looks like marketing took a big step toward greater relevance in 2013, the importance of being a partner in an ecosystem increased -- as did the significance of software platforms -- and reports of CRM's demise were greatly exaggerated.
Email Marketing for the Holidays, Part 2: Crafting a Compelling Call to Action
December 10, 2013
There's no doubt email marketing has become nonnegotiable for retailers during the holiday season, and that's particularly true on the mobile side. Mobile emailed offers are also playing bit roles in other strategies, such as showrooming. Retailers have learned not to push against this trend but to fight back by targeting shoppers while they are actually in the store.
Cyber Shoppers Beware! Those Juicy Deals May Be Hot Air
December 07, 2013
This Cyber Monday, retailers of every stripe ran countless ads proclaiming the big shopping day's special deals -- including this one: A Nikon D3200 Two Lens Zoom Kit, originally priced at $799.95, marked down to $499.95. Sounds good, right? We thought so too, but try as we might, we couldn't secure the camera at the deal price. And we tried.
Chinese Banks Warned About Bitcoins
December 06, 2013
China's central bank said Thursday that the nation's banks and payment systems were prohibited from handling Bitcoins. Bitcoins are "virtual goods" and have no legal weight, the banking body said. Individuals can still toy with them at their own risk, but financial institutions and payment systems can't touch -- no selling, no trading and no storing of Bitcoins.
CRM's Frayed Ends
December 06, 2013
The buyer-seller relationship we most often think of is one in which all the responsibility is loaded on the seller. The seller convinces the customer to buy, then provides support and further marketing to keep the customer loyal. Not every selling relationship works this way, however. When both ends of the sale have a responsibility, things get a little cloudier and more complex.
Email Marketing for the Holidays, Part 1: Making the Right Mobile Impression
December 03, 2013
Email marketing will be a key strategy in retailers' advertising playbooks this holiday season, but not just any email. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that more consumers are reading emails via their mobile devices -- in many cases, only that way. They are also using their mobile devices in stores for last-minute product research, and that includes the emailed offers from local merchants.
TreeHouse Brings Content Marketing Into Its CRM Fold
December 02, 2013
TreeHouse Interactive recently updated the core functionality in its Marketing View marketing automation platform by adding a new tool called "Content Marketing Manager." Marketing automation -- along with TreeHouse's other play in the CRM space, partner relationship management -- is one of the company's raisons d'Ítre. "We shipped our first marketing automation platform in 1997," said CEO Erich Flynn.
Black Friday Spread Could Plague Retailers
November 26, 2013
Retailers have been trying for years to expand Black Friday shopping with extended hours and prolonged sales, and this year that trend appears to be reaching new heights, with some stores even planning to be open early on Thanksgiving Day. That's not a universal rule, however. Glenview, Ill.-based Abt Electronics, for instance, is taking a different approach.
Chinese Chat App Exposes Kids to Prostitutes
November 20, 2013
China's massively popular WeChat messaging app has exposed school students to prostitutes through its "People Nearby" feature, which is sometimes used by prostitutes as a form of, shall we say, mobile advertising. A survey among students, conducted in a handful of major Chinese cities, found that the kids had indeed come across prostitutes' accounts when firing up the People Nearby function.
Countdown Begins to PS4 Launch
November 13, 2013
After months of buildup, the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 video game console is now just a day away. The $399 console will go on sale at 12 a.m. on Friday, and Sony predicts that sales will exceed 3 million by the end of the year. While preorders will likely dominate the first day transactions, Sony has announced that it is ready with a steady stream of systems to arrive at retail through the holidays.
Flipboard Goes Catalog Crazy
November 12, 2013
Flipboard on Monday launched an e-commerce initiative that lets both consumers and brands create online product catalogs. Consumers can browse online commerce platforms for their favorite products, and then add them to their personal catalog. Besides being a convenient central storage area for their most desired goods, catalogs can serve as wish lists.
Google May Be Barking Up Wrong Tree With EU Watchdog Plan
November 08, 2013
Google and the European Commission's delicate negotiations on a settlement regarding the search engine giant's alleged antitrust violations this week hit an unusual snag: The terms of Google's second offer were outed on Wednesday, opening them up to unexpected public scrutiny. The new offer -- including the proposed appointment of a monitor to oversee Google's antitrust compliance -- is inadequate, Consumer Watchdog said.
Google Barge Mystery Solved - Nothing to See Here
November 07, 2013
Finally the barge mystery has been solved -- but the answer for some is a bit deflating. That four-story barge floating on San Francisco Bay -- not to mention others in three additional cities, including Portland, Maine -- has whipped tech observers into a frenzy because of its clear but uncertain link to Google. Well, according to Google, it will be used as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.

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