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Canonical Declares Victory on Ubuntu's No. 1 Bug
June 03, 2013
Declaring a thing may not make it so, but it certainly gets tongues wagging. Case in point: Canonical's announcement last week that Ubuntu's longstanding Bug No. 1 -- which read simply, "Microsoft has a majority market share" -- has now been closed. "We have both competition and good representation for open source in personal computing," said Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth.
Angst and Anxiety Over Ubuntu's Chosen Path
May 30, 2013
After all the bold moves Canonical has made regarding Ubuntu in the past few years, it's not exactly any secret that a significant portion of the Linux community remains unconvinced as to the wisdom of its chosen path. Indeed, it was just a few weeks ago that the project decided to launch its very own package format and installer, resulting in more than a few raised eyebrows among FOSS fans.
One Small Step for NASA, One Giant Leap for Open Source
May 28, 2013
"Space: the final frontier." These may be the opening words of the Star Trek series so loved by geeks far and wide, but lately, they've been on the tip of more Linux bloggers' tongues than ever. Why? Because Linux recently scored a major victory some 230 miles up in the sky. Specifically, Windows got the big heave-ho from the International Space Station.
Another Day, Another Distro: Antergos Linux Is Born
May 23, 2013
They say springtime is a season of rebirth and renewal. Not only have we seen the birth of Cloverleaf from the ashes of Fuduntu, but now Cinnarch has gone through a similar transformation. No real death was involved this time. Rather, the Arch-based distro decided to give the Cinnamon desktop at its foundation the proverbial boot, calling it "too much a burden to maintain/update going forward."
Neo Technology's Emil Eifrem: 'Cloud Is the New Open Source'
May 21, 2013
Graphs are everywhere. You find them on websites adding social capabilities. Telecommunications companies use graphs to personalize customer services. Innovative bioinformatics researchers, and other organizations are adopting graph databases to model and query connected data. Neo Technology has pioneered graph databases since 2000.
The Windows Kernel's Achilles' Heel
May 20, 2013
Life is like a roller coaster, as the popular saying goes, filled with both ups and downs. Here in the Linux blogosphere we've certainly experienced our share of downs in recent months -- thanks in large part to a frustrating spate of FUD -- but lately the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on Linux with full force once again.
Linux: The Gold Standard of Code
May 16, 2013
There are few things more gratifying to those of us here in the Linux blogosphere than seeing the many and varied virtues of our favorite operating system get officially recognized. It happens with increasing regularity these days, of course -- after all, there are so very many virtues to consider -- but recently an example emerged that has been warming FOSS fans' hearts ever since.
Cut Yourself a Tasty Slice of Gnome-Pie App Launcher
May 15, 2013
Gnome-Pie could be one of the best user interfaces for accessing menus on any Linux desktop. It is a radial visual application that keeps your hands on the keyboard or the mouse to quickly launch any application. Launching frequently used programs could not be easier or more fun. Gnome-Pie brings functional eye candy to the menu interface.
Sauce Labs' Jason Huggins: App Testing Is for the (Angry) Birds
May 14, 2013
Jason Huggins took Web browser and website testing to new levels. Pushed by several Aha! moments, he recognized a pressing need for automation in applications testing. He also discovered that no existing proprietary software provided cross-platform features. What did not exist in a marketable box, Huggins built as an out-of-the-box open source solution using the Selenium software he created.
Ubuntu Strikes Out on Its Own Again
May 13, 2013
If Canonical has shown anything over the past few years, it's that it's not afraid of doing things differently. Ever since the arrival of Unity in Ubuntu 10.10's netbook edition back in 2010, it's been clear the company is "marching to the beat of its own drum," as they say, with a growing focus on mobile and convergence. Well, last week brought yet another example of Canonical's independent-mindedness.
Linux, Freedom and Cold Cash
May 09, 2013
Well it's spring storm season in many parts of the world, so it should come as no great surprise that we've had some storms here in the Linux blogosphere as well. The latest example? None other than an intriguing poll about paying for Linux. Could you, would you, do you pay for Linux? the poll asked. The question had barely hit the airwaves when the stampede began.
The Bank, the Budget and the OS Shocker
May 06, 2013
Well the FUD continues to flow fast and furious here in the Linux blogosphere, where local pharmacists have recently noticed a sudden surge in demand for blood pressure medications. No sooner did Linux fans begin to calm down after the recent attack on open source in general, in fact, than a fresh report arrived from down under that caused tempers to flare up all over again.
A Drooling Attack Over the BeagleBone Black
May 02, 2013
There's been no shortage of gloom and doom here in the Linux blogosphere lately, what with Fuduntu's demise, a fresh round of anti-FOSS FUD, and even criticisms of Linux distros' girth. So it was with particular joy that Linux bloggers received the news about the all-new BeagleBone Black.
Buggy Install, No Support Take the Lead Out of Pencil
May 01, 2013
Pencil is an advanced drawing and animation tool that creates traditional, hand-drawn 2D animations and static sketches. Think of this animation/drawing application as an Etch A Sketch with colored sand on steroids. Pencil creates both bitmap and vector images. Finished animations can be exported as a PNG image. Animated sketches can be exported in several handy Flash or Movie file formats.
CAST's Marc Jones: For Fed's Open Source, It's Trust and Verify
April 30, 2013
CAST Software is a software analysis and measurement firm that uses an automated approach to capture and quantify the reliability, security, complexity and size of business applications. A main company objective is increasing software assurance around reliability and security of applications delivered to the U.S. government.
FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys
April 29, 2013
It's a well-known fact that statistics can be manipulated to suit virtually every occasion and purpose, but every once in a while an example comes along that illustrates that rule with breathtaking clarity. Case in point? Two recent surveys on the topic of FOSS that came out in the very same week.
Have Linux Distros Gotten Too Tubby?
April 25, 2013
The size of Linux's waistline has long been the focus of recurring attention here in the Linux blogosphere, even drawing occasional criticism from Linus Torvalds himself. Recently, however, a fresh weight-related complaint was made -- not about the kernel itself, but about today's Linux distros.
CEO Brian Gentile: 'Jaspersoft Has Chosen to Disrupt'
April 23, 2013
Business intelligence could be one of the most essential but little-known secrets that drives executive decisions in the marketplace. The BI market is dominated by companies that sell their proprietary business analytics solutions. Few open source companies have countered with software to overtake the traditional vendor establishment. However, open source does have its BI success stories.
Farewell, Fuduntu: The Untimely Demise of a Winning Linux Distro
April 22, 2013
Last Monday delivered both death and taxes. April 15 was not only the day U.S. taxes were due, but also the day two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. The magnitude of that tragedy is far beyond the scope of this column, of course, but Monday also brought a casualty -- albeit on a much smaller scale -- to those of us here in the Linux world. It wasn't a human death, fortunately.
Power to the Wiki-People
April 20, 2013
Earlier this month, agents for France's top intelligence agency were accused of trying to force a Wikipedia volunteer to remove a Wikipedia page describing a French military radio relay station. The volunteer, a library curator, reportedly was threatened with jail unless he complied. Before any of the bullying took place, the DCRI had gone the conventional route, contacting the Wikimedia Foundation, which is Wikipedia's parent organization.

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