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Neo Technology's Emil Eifrem: 'Cloud Is the New Open Source'
May 21, 2013
Graphs are everywhere. You find them on websites adding social capabilities. Telecommunications companies use graphs to personalize customer services. Innovative bioinformatics researchers, and other organizations are adopting graph databases to model and query connected data. Neo Technology has pioneered graph databases since 2000.
What's Behind the Hybrid Cloud Hype?
May 15, 2013
Hybrid cloud technology is garnering much attention of late -- whether for cutting-edge development and the continuous integration and release processes achieved through devops, or for traditional enterprise-proven approaches to infrastructure and applications. There's more to hybrid clouds than hype. The growth outlook for all types of cloud computing is strong.
Puppet Labs' Kanies: 'The Right Resources to the Right Relationships'
May 07, 2013
Luke Kanies has a passion for the Puppet language he created. He always wanted to start a software company with Puppet as its foundation. The problem he faced was how to make the open source model support his software innovation without getting lost in the process. After eight years as founder and CEO of Puppet Labs, Kanies has succeeded in avoiding the danger lurking nearby.
CAST's Marc Jones: For Fed's Open Source, It's Trust and Verify
April 30, 2013
CAST Software is a software analysis and measurement firm that uses an automated approach to capture and quantify the reliability, security, complexity and size of business applications. A main company objective is increasing software assurance around reliability and security of applications delivered to the U.S. government.
CEO Brian Gentile: 'Jaspersoft Has Chosen to Disrupt'
April 23, 2013
Business intelligence could be one of the most essential but little-known secrets that drives executive decisions in the marketplace. The BI market is dominated by companies that sell their proprietary business analytics solutions. Few open source companies have countered with software to overtake the traditional vendor establishment. However, open source does have its BI success stories.
Morphlabs' Yoram Heller: Gearing Up to Beat Amazon
April 09, 2013
Open source technology is central to Morphlabs' business model. The company, launched in 2007 with Yoram Heller as a cofounder, builds fully modular, scalable public and private cloud products. It takes open source software and designs architecture to run on specific hardware. Building its products on top of open source software is the main innovation that allows Morphlabs to dramatically lower the barrier of entry to cloud computing.
Fedora Project's Robyn Bergeron: The Linux Desktop Is Almost Ready for Its Close-Up
March 12, 2013
The Fedora Project is perhaps one of the hallmark Linux distributions. Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat, the commercial developer of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Red Hat's investment in the Fedora community is collaborative. As such, Fedora Linux releases often provide RHEL developers with a field test environment that incubates innovative open source software technologies.
Open Source's Deep Dive Into the Enterprise
March 06, 2013
Server provisioning and configuration management and automation are the latest examples of where the tech industry is being driven, largely by open source software. The leading open source server and IT infrastructure automation frameworks, Opscode Chef and Puppet Labs' Puppet, sit on the leading edge of significant trends under way in enterprise IT.
Top 5 Linux Predictions for 2013
December 11, 2012
As we consider a number of key trends in enterprise software and systems, it's clear how critical cloud computing is to the industry. The strong connection between Linux and cloud computing will continue to fuel Linux throughout 2013 with public clouds, private clouds, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS all contributing to broader and greater use of Linux.
Post-Election Congressional Shuffling Could Impact Feds' IT, Cybersecurity Plans
November 16, 2012
One of the overriding issues in the federal elections was the need to get the government's financial house in order. In the post-election period, Republicans and Democrats have offered conciliatory comments as a deadline for resolving the issue of the fiscal cliff draws near, but positions on the issue remain very much in conflict.
Linaro, ARM and the Road to Total Linux Domination
November 08, 2012
Well it seems like the dust may finally be settling here in the Linux blogosphere, and Linux Girl is fervently hoping for some long-overdue rest. We endured the launch of Rectangle with Rounded Corners 5; we patiently listened to the endless blaring fanfare surrounding Windows 8's debut. Is there no end to the autumnal excitement?
Open Source Lives in Polyglot Programming
October 09, 2012
The prominence and pervasiveness of open source software in cloud computing is something I've researched and written about quite a bit. I've also discussed how open source software is a key component and catalyst for the devops trend that blends application development and deployment via IT operations.
Open Source Still Draws Proprietary Vendors Into the Fold
August 14, 2012
VMware continued its embrace of open source software with its recent acquisition of open source and virtual network provider Nicira. The move continued VMware's aggressive M&A strategy and its effort to transition from proprietary software and virtualization to a broader market and cloud computing, largely through open source software.
Who Loves Hadoop?
August 07, 2012
Mention big data and the first thing that might come to mind is Hadoop. The open source software framework has recently enjoyed a great deal of popularity among vendors and enterprise users. However, if it is to really be useful to the enterprise, Hadoop may need to be taken out of open source, argues Brian Christian, chief technology officer of Zettaset.
Power Strip's a Penetration Testing Tool in Disguise
July 24, 2012
Advanced penetration testing product maker Pwnie Express has unveiled a new tester that looks just like a power strip. The Power Pwn is a fully integrated enterprise-class device that can be used over Ethernet, wireless or Bluetooth connections. It is priced at $1,300 and is currently available for pre-order.
Refining Due Diligence for Enterprise Open Source
July 24, 2012
Most security professionals are probably very comfortable with using open source tools to implement technical security functionality. From nikto to snort to openssh -- there are literally hundreds of well-known, sophisticated, open source tools that perform useful and critical security functions.
The Case Of The Android Botnet
July 23, 2012
Microsoft security researcher Terry Zink pulled the pin on a virtual grenade when he aired his belief that he'd discovered a botnet manned by Android zombies. After examining some spam, Zink found suggestions that the junk mail was being generated from Android smartphones with access to Yahoo mail accounts.
Security Gurus: Jelly Bean Is Super Chewy
July 19, 2012
The latest version of Google's Android mobile operating system, Jelly Bean, is much harder to hack than its predecessors, according to research from Duo Security. Google beefed up security for Jelly Bean significantly, said Jon Oberheide, security researcher at Duo. The OS will come with an updated address space layout randomization, which randomizes memory on a device.
5 Interesting Things You Can Do With PostgreSQL
July 17, 2012
PostgreSQL is one of the most versatile, powerful and reliable object-relational database systems available. The enterprise-class open source database is in use by some of the largest companies in the world, handling exceptionally large workloads. But you knew all of that already, so let's talk about a few features in PostgreSQL you probably didn't know about already.
Canonical, the FSF and the Ongoing Secure Boot Saga
July 12, 2012
What do the Energizer Bunny and the ongoing Windows 8 Secure Boot Saga have in common? Yes, that's right: They both just keep going. Scarcely a week goes by these days, in fact, without some fresh proclamation to fan the flames of UEFI controversy here in the Linux blogosphere.
Stuxnet Is Dead, Long Live Stuxnet
July 09, 2012
Those who follow the exploits of Stuxnet will remember June 24, 2012, as Big Sleep day for the infamous malware. On that day, it stopped replicating. "It's more like neutered, rather than dead," said Eric Byres, CTO and vice president for engineering at Tofino Security Products.
The List Builds Big Media Database Onto SugarCRM Foundation
July 06, 2012
The List, a provider of lead generation software for media buyers and marketers, is adding CRM functionality to its line of services. This new feature set joins other new functions the company is building into its core product, such as integration with Moat.com, and a global media content database.
Android Botnet May Be Spewing Spam
July 05, 2012
An international botnet could be using infected Android handsets to send out massive amounts of spam, said Microsoft antispam engineer Terry Zink. He reportedly identified the botnet and its Google Android connection by examining the headers of spam that included the signature "Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android."
Samsung Makes Android SAFE for IT
June 19, 2012
Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S III smartphone will be the company's first device to be officially branded and sold under its new SAFE program. SAFE stands for "Samsung Approved for Enterprise." The Galaxy S III will be available in the U.S. from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in July.

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