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Mobile Is About to Get Serious About Video Ads
August 06, 2013
Mobile marketers beware: A new ad format is poised to become very popular -- and there are questions whether the mobile ecosystem will be ready to handle it. That format is online ads. Of course, it is a channel that has been around for a while, and mobile sites have adapted to it. However, can mobile sites handle the scale and demand that a Facebook juggernaut will deliver?
SMS Marketing's Fine Line
July 24, 2013
The case for SMS marketing is easy to make. It's cheap and it's easy. It can be far-reaching, given how many people carry cellphones now -- and did I mention that it's cheap? Still, there is a downside to SMS marketing. For starters, it can be very annoying to consumers, especially if the targeting is off. Even those who are receptive to text messages in general can quickly sour on the idea.
New ClearSlide App Paves Sales Reps' Mobile Path to Cloud Content
July 16, 2013
ClearSlide has already released several mobile apps targeting salespeople on the road, and recently it rolled out another key piece of its platform in mobile form. Dubbed "Connect," the new app for iOS devices gives users mobile access to marketing and sales collateral stored in the cloud, such as presentation decks, white papers and videos.
SMS: The Energizer Bunny of Mobile Advertising
July 15, 2013
Like everyone else with a pulse, Paul Rand, president and CEO of Zocalo Group, has noted the phenomenal growth of mobile advertising. Statistic after statistic confirms such observations, including the latest from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which earlier this week reported that mobile advertising revenue leaped an eye-popping 82.8 percent to $8.9 billion in 2012.
Don't Look Now, but Mobile Privacy Regulations Are on the Way
July 09, 2013
The issue of mobile privacy has been simmering for years, and it's long been apparent that there will be some movement at the government level sooner or later. This week, sooner would probably be the better guess -- especially if the European Commission is included. In the last few days, more allegations about U.S. government spying activities have emerged.
Mobile Privacy Laws Are on the Horizon
June 25, 2013
This past May mobile app developers dodged a bullet when a California state court sided with Delta Airlines in a dispute over its mobile app. California's attorney general had sued Delta, alleging that the company violated the state's mobile privacy law, which requires a company to clearly state that users' personal information is being collected.
Contact Center Managers Get Some Mobile Mojo
June 18, 2013
Another day, another mobile app release; except in this case, the app is aimed at the contact center supervisor -- not exactly a role that has been inundated with mobile functionality to this point. The application in question is Five9's latest cloud contact software application, which includes mobile functionality. Enhancements to the suite include multichannel capabilities and an iPad app.
When Mobile CRM Goes Too Far, Part 3
June 10, 2013
Mobile everything is the current computing zeitgeist and if that means turning an app or function that is perfectly suited for desktop use into a mobilized one, well, as the thinking goes at so many companies now, just do it. However, mobilizing an app -- even a front-office CRM app -- should not be undertaken lightly. Costs, security issues and customer attitudes all must be considered.
Bonitasoft Revs Its Execution Engine in Bonita BPM 6
June 07, 2013
It has been a busy three years for Bonitasoft. Since its launch, the company has: 1) commercialized its open source business process management technology, which it created out of the Bonita Project in the mid-2000s; 2) pulled in $28 million in venture funding; and 3) attracted some 600 customers. This week, the company hit a fourth milestone: the release of its first major upgrade.
When Mobile CRM Goes Too Far, Part 2
May 28, 2013
The case for mobile CRM is an easy one to make. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and the way most people work requires 24-7 accessibility. Not being tethered to a desktop to access customer records is also a plus, if not an outright necessity in some cases. However, mobilization is getting to the point when some apps are mobilized -- and they needn't or shouldn't be.
Crowdsourced App Helps Otis Lift E-Service to Another Level
May 24, 2013
Mobile CRM is well entrenched in the sales and marketing spaces -- perhaps too entrenched in some cases. However, the third tier of traditional CRM -- service -- has barely been breached by mobile technologies. Some headway has been made, but for the most part it has been in fits and starts. Only a few vendors offer e-service applications for the mobile environment.
When Mobile CRM Goes Too Far, Part 1
May 20, 2013
The case for mobile CRM is an easy one to make. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and the way most people work requires 24-7 accessibility. Also, not being tethered to a desktop to access customer records is a plus -- if not an outright necessity in some cases. For sales reps or anyone who interacts with customers in the field, mobile CRM is essential.
How to Muff a Mobile Marketing Campaign, Part 2
May 13, 2013
You wouldn't think it was easy to bungle a mobile marketing campaign -- but it definitely is doable. Six in 10 decision makers planned to increase their companies' mobile marketing budgets in 2013, Forrester said earlier this year, reporting on a survey conducted for Acquent. However, 42 percent of those respondents were worried about achieving ROI. They have good reason to be.
Twilio Lets Devs Build Contact Centers in the Cloud
May 09, 2013
Twilio last week rolled out capabilities that extend its communications API platform into the cloud contact center market. The new functionality is aimed at companies that want to migrate part or all of their traditional contact center operations to the cloud, or those that want to enhance existing traditional operations with a cloud-based component.
How to Muff a Mobile Marketing Campaign, Part 1
May 06, 2013
This year could be the best of times and the worst of times for mobile marketers, suggests a report Forrester released earlier this year. Six in 10 survey respondents -- people who make decisions about their company's mobile marketing strategy -- planned to increase mobile marketing budgets this year, according to the report.
Why Mobile CRM Rules
April 26, 2013
If you think mobile CRM has been popular to date, you ain't seen nothing yet. There will be an eye-popping 500 percent increase in the number of mobile CRM apps available for download on app stores between now and 2014, Gartner predicted. That number is expected to grow to more than 1,200 by next year from 200 or so today.
Pegasystems App Susses Out Customers' Soft Spots
April 23, 2013
Pegasystems has rolled out the newest iteration of its marketing application. New or enhanced features include improved ability to perform real time event-triggered actions and new B2B recommendation functionality. The key to understanding this app is its name, "Next-Best-Action," said Steve Kraus, senior director of product marketing. "That is the concept behind our approach to marketing.
The Hidden Risks of Mobile CRM, Part 2
April 19, 2013
Mobile marketing may just be in its infancy, but it already has ushered in a world of new risks -- or rather, existing risks that have been repackaged. They range from running afoul of still-developing regulations to security concerns, to consumers misinterpreting content. As people connect with the Internet through multiple access points, keeping a marketing message consistent is becoming more essential.
Kana Adds Context, Subtracts Search
April 16, 2013
Kana Software on Tuesday debuted its next generation of Kana Enterprise, a multichannel customer service application with functionality for both the agent-based desktop and self-service. Its features include case management; Web self-service; mobile chat; co-browsing; social listening, analytics and community engagement; email, campaign and white mail management; and advanced knowledge management.
Blackbaud Gives Fundraisers New Tools, Then Gets Out of the Way
April 15, 2013
Blackbaud, a CRM vendor that specializes in the nonprofit sector, has rolled out a new release offering additional social and mobile functionality. The end goal of the various upgrades -- which range from social scoring to the ability to run on a number of different tablets -- is to allow users to be able to spend more time with donors, said Eric de Jaeger, VP of product management, enterprise CRM solutions.

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