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A9.com Launches Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

By ECT News Staff
Nov 1, 2004 10:24 AM PT

Amazon subsidiary A9.com today released its new A9 toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. The toolbar enables Firefox users to search the Web using A9.com bookmarks, site history, A9 lists and A9 diary features.

A9.com Launches Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Users can download the A9 toolbar in less than two minutes from the A9.com home page.

It runs on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

A9.com CEO Udi Manber said in a statement, "Offering the A9 Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox was among the most requested features we received from users since we launched A9.com a month ago."

Searches with Memory

A separately branded and operated subsidiary of Amazon.com, A9.com opened its Palo Alto office in October 2003 to research and build innovative search technologies.

The A9.com Web site launched in September of this year.

Users generate search results from a variety of information sources including Google, Amazon's "Search Inside the Book," the Internet Movie Database and GuruNet.com.

A9.com also returns results from each user's information file, so with every search, they will see results from their own history, bookmarks, and diary.

Firefox Gaining

Chris Hofmann, director of engineering at the Mozilla Foundation, said the unveiling of the A9.com toolbar "shows the growing popularity of Firefox among Amazon.com and A9.com users, and demonstrates the power of developing on the Mozilla platform."

According to the foundation, more than 7 million copies of the Firefox Preview Release have been downloaded from the Mozilla site since September.

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