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Sears and Oracle Ink Online B2B Deal

Venerable American retailer Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced Monday that it will join with $50 billion (US$) French retailer Carrefour and software giant Oracle Corp. to form a global business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for the retail industry.

European Union To Launch Microsoft Probe

As the U.S. government's antitrust case against software giant Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) wends its way through the legal system, the European Union (EU) announced today that it will launch its own antitrust probe.

E-Commerce Comes to $352B Global Seafood Market

As evidence that e-commerce has come to even the most old-fashioned of trading industries, Seattle-Washington-based launched a business-to-business (B2B) portal for the $352 billion (US$) global seafood industry today.

U.S. Justice Department Launches eBay Anti-Competition Probe

The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly investigating online auctioneer eBay, Inc. to determine whether its efforts to block price comparison search software from probing its Web site are anti-competitive.

E-Stamp and Ticketmaster Wage Online Ticketing War

E-Stamp and became instant rivals today as both companies introduced new systems to allow consumers to purchase tickets online and print them at home on their PCs.

Priceline To Launch Asian Venture

"Name-your-price" pioneer (Nasdaq: PCLN) announced today that it will team with a Hong Kong-based telecommunications conglomerate to bring its service to 2.6 billion consumers in China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Viet...

Supreme Court Upholds Network Solutions’ Domain Fees

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to overturn a U.S. Court of Appeals' dismissal of a lawsuit against dominant domain registrar Network Solutions, Inc., thereby validating the company's domain registration fee structure.

AuctionWatch Defies eBay in Listings Dispute

The simmering dispute between online auction listing service and auction giant eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) reached the boiling point as AuctionWatch said it has developed a new technology to put eBay auction listings on its site.

AOL Buys MapQuest in Billion Dollar Deal

In yet another addition to its "AOL Anywhere" strategy, America Online (NYSE: AOL) announced today that it will acquire online map provider (Nasdaq: MQST) in a $1.1 billion (US$) stock deal. Offers Corporate Cyber-Squatting Shield

Domain registrar unveiled a new service for corporate clients Tuesday that it says will help prevent cyber-squatting, the practice of registering a domain name in a effort to hold it hostage from the holder of an established trademark.

Dutch Bank Takes Stake In Asian B2B E-Commerce

ABN Amro, the Netherlands' largest bank, announced today that it has moved into the China and Hong Kong markets by taking a 40 percent equity stake in the B2B e-commerce unit of General Electric.

Venture Capital Firms Team With Brokerage Supergroup

Online brokers Charles Schwab, Ameritrade (Nasdaq: AMTD) and TD Waterhouse (NYSE: TWE) announced today that they will join three prominent Internet venture capital firms to open an Internet-based investment bank by early next year.

Snap, Xoom Sign $75M Deal With Medical Site and announced today that they have signed a three-year, $75 million (US$) agreement with Healthgate Data Corp., a health and medical resource site.

AOL Grabs Piece of

In a broad three-year alliance between two leading interactive media and entertainment companies, America Online (NYSE: AOL) will invest $30 million (US$) and take an equity stake in Viacom subsidiary

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