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Domain registrar unveiled a new service for corporate clients Tuesday that it says will help prevent cyber-squatting, the practice of registering a domain name in a effort to hold it hostage from the holder of an established trademark.

Dutch Bank Takes Stake In Asian B2B E-Commerce

ABN Amro, the Netherlands' largest bank, announced today that it has moved into the China and Hong Kong markets by taking a 40 percent equity stake in the B2B e-commerce unit of General Electric.

Venture Capital Firms Team With Brokerage Supergroup

Online brokers Charles Schwab, Ameritrade (Nasdaq: AMTD) and TD Waterhouse (NYSE: TWE) announced today that they will join three prominent Internet venture capital firms to open an Internet-based investment bank by early next year.

Snap, Xoom Sign $75M Deal With Medical Site and announced today that they have signed a three-year, $75 million (US$) agreement with Healthgate Data Corp., a health and medical resource site.

AOL Grabs Piece of

In a broad three-year alliance between two leading interactive media and entertainment companies, America Online (NYSE: AOL) will invest $30 million (US$) and take an equity stake in Viacom subsidiary

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