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Foundries and Arduino Team To Patch IoT Devices and Arduino are joining forces to make embedded Linux-powered internet of things and edge computing devices more secure. The deal will combine technological innovations with Foundries' cloud-native development and deployment enterprise solutions for secure IoT and edge devices. Those so...

Cyber Asset Management Overwhelming IT Security Teams

The modern attack surface has grown too large and complex for security professionals to manage using traditional, manual approaches to the asset lifecycle.

War in Ukraine Takes Toll on European Software Development Market

An unintended consequence of Russia's invasion into Ukraine is the loss of technical talent that will impact supply chain and software innovation for years to come.


InnoView 15.8″ Portable Display: More Screen Space for Small Devices

The InnoView 15.8" portable monitor is one of the latest entries in the China-based manufacturer's growing inventory of affordable, lightweight monitors. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets, the need for mobile solutions like this portable screen panel is growing. Let's take a closer l...


Linux Lingers, Anbox Cloud Smartphone Brain Booty, Critical Census Supports Security

Old-time Linux is back again. It is not uncommon for open-source software to stop in its tracks. Community and team-based projects sometimes lose developers, enthusiasm, or funding. Hundreds of Linux distributions exist. Some come and go all the time, often unnoticed. Usually, others take their plac...

Low-Code Platforms Help Ease the Shadow IT Adversity Pain

Stand-alone automation platforms and low-code software tools in recent years enable vendors to increase sales of products designed for specific roles and functions directly to business users. Often, this puts IT management at arm's length from enforcing governance and security standards.

CyberSec Firms Give Advice, Services To Quell Fallout From Malware Aimed at Ukraine

Hours before Russia began its Ukraine invasion on Feb. 24, Microsoft found a new malware package, which it dubbed "FoxBlade." As more concerns about malware fallout from the war spread, several cybersecurity firms announced protective measures for potential victims.


ExTiX DDS Delivers Decent Deepin Alternative

ExTiX is a Linux distribution that knows where it is going but falls short of being there yet. It is, however, well on its way. Developer Arne Exton calls his ExTiX OS "The Ultimate Linux system." Especially with the Deepin desktop edition, he is close to living up to that assessment.

Russia-Linked Cyclops Blink Malware Identified as Potential Cyberwarfare Weapon

Government agencies have discovered a deadlier new home and office network device killer malware that replaces weaker VPNFilter code. U.S. and U.K. governments published a joint report Wednesday detailing a new malware strain developed by Russia's military cyber unit deployed in the wild since 2019....


New Cloud Cybersafety, Malware Miseries, Snap Snafus Lavish Linux

New developments this month include a key acquisition to bolster and expand cloud computing. Keeper Security takes a big step toward integrating better security and cloud encryption architecture. Also significant is StormForge's release this month of a new solution for cloud environments with machin...

Looking for Love Online? Advice To Protect Your Wallet

Consumers, especially lonely hearts experiencing life's so-called golden years, are prime targets for romance scams and fraud assaults. Romance scams are at an all-time high. Even younger folks who share too much about their affairs of the heart on dating sites and social media could become ripe tar...

Bad Code, Licenses, Software Milestones Showcase Linux Wins and Losses

Find out about the latest cloud container breakout vulnerability reported by Red Hat and Canonical. A dangerous Linux kernel element is the culprit. Also, if you want to sharpen your coding and IT skills, learn what the Linux Foundation has new to offer with free and paid training.

Unboxing Marketing Maneuver Packs CRM, Personalization Inside the Box

Many vendors are missing a goldmine in personalizing customer experience because they are not thinking "inside" the box. A proprietary combination of software and on-demand printers from marketing automation firm UnDigital personalizes the unboxing experience. This relatively new technology is turni...

New Contactless Biometric System Uses Hands as Secure Passwords

Widespread belief is that finger, face, and voice authentication are the epitome of security. But those technologies are not as safe as we think, according to nVIAsoft officials, who point out that conventional biometric systems like face, voice, and fingerprint recognition have easily exploitable s...

Reports Warn of Worsening Warfare From Cyber Criminals in 2022

Brace yourself, 2022 promises to bring expanded cyber confrontations as ransomware attacks gain the high ground. A dangerous increase in ransomware attacks last year caused devastating compromises to government organizations, critical infrastructure, and businesses. Much of the increase resulted fro...


4 Tips To Attract a Younger Customer Base

Attracting and engaging with a younger target audience is no longer optional; it is an essential marketing goal. The big question is: how to do it? Marketers and online retailers who have found useful answers to that question shared their insights with the E-Commerce Times.

Charmed Kubeflow 1.4 Brings Smart, Agile MLOps to any Cloud

Canonical is pushing the limits to automate the full lifecycle of feature engineering, training, and release workflows for machine learning models with its MLOps platform Charmed Kubeflow 1.4. The new free release enables data science teams to securely collaborate on AI/ML innovation on any cloud, f...

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered a vicious new threat that hides as legitimate systems software. With Linux kernel 5.12 you can update firmware, no reboot required. The last refinement in LibreOffice 7 series paves the way for a new set of features when Series 8 arrives. If that is not enough to ...

Digital Clienteling Platform Breathes Life Into Live Commerce

The marketing technique called clienteling is used by retail workers to establish long-term relationships with key customers. When applied to e-commerce, the practice is based on having access to data about their preferences, behaviors, and purchases. A relatively new variation of this concept is di...

Russia’s REvil Takedown Sets Stage for Several Scenarios

Russian authorities on Friday reported that they shut down the REvil ransomware operations and arrested a dozen or more gang members. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation said it quashed the REvil ransomware gang after U.S. authorities reported on the leader.

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