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Microsoft vs. Linux: The Battle for Belief

Comparing Microsoft (the company) to Linux (the operating system kernel) might seem like comparing a city to a door -- or maybe even a hinge. However, Linux is more than just a technology. It is the poster child for the open-source movement. In the minds and hearts of its supporters, Linux has come ...


Japan Strikes Against Microsoft with Open Source

In an effort to target Microsoft and the operating system industry, Japan has proposed an Asian open-source operating system. Initially, the country was a major player in the PC market, but in software it is almost insignificant internationally. However, the current environment with Microsoft in Asi...


SCO vs. IBM: The Other Reality

The other day I was asked what the odds were that SCO would win against IBM. On the basis of how the two parties were behaving, I offered a range of between 55 and 65 percent. One of the strongest indications I have that SCO might win is that several of the financial analyst groups who work with me,...

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