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FCC Probes AOL Time Warner Deal

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday requested more information from America Online, Inc. before it will consider approving its proposed $124 billion (US$) merger with Time Warner, Inc.

Hackers Plant Attack File in Home Computers

Network Security Technologies, Inc. announced the discovery Thursday of destructive software that has been clandestinely implanted into thousands of business and home computers.’s Robertson Has the Right Stuff

Tuesday's reports that, Inc. and Warner Music Group are close to settling a copyright infringement lawsuit came as extremely good news to the online music company's shareholders.

Report: Online Privacy Crisis Yet To Come

A new report by Forrester Research suggests that the online privacy debate will temporarily subside and then reach a crisis point by 2004.

Do Special Interests Rule the High-Tech Roost?

Last week, Marc Andreessen, the 28 year-old co-founder of Netscape, received a lukewarm reception from the New Democrat Network when he unveiled his prescription to combat the dearth of high-tech workers in the United States.

InsWeb Slashes Workforce

Less than a year after its IPO, online insurance portal InsWeb Corp. said on Monday that it is moving its headquarters and cutting its staff by 40 percent.

Internet Boosts Overall Book Sales

E-commerce helped to reverse a decline in overall book sales for adults in 1999, according to a new study by NPD Group, Inc. of Port Washington, New York.

Can eBay Avoid Lose-Lose Litigation?

Last week's news that four New Jersey teenagers got sick from a drug they allegedly bought on Internet auction site eBay once again raised the issue of whether online auctioneers should be held liable for the actions of their members.

Steve Case: The Last Boy Scout?

Several weeks ago, when America Online, Inc. agreed to shell out $3.5 million (US$) to settle charges that it violated financial reporting rules by deferring advertising costs rather than showing them as expenses, the news barely made a blip on most media radar screens.

eBay Wins Round in Bidder’s Edge Dispute

A U.S. federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Thursday against Bidder's Edge, barring the auction portal from searching the eBay site for auction information.

The Napster War: Piracy or Persecution?

Earlier this week, the well known San Francisco, California-based Hummer Winblad Venture Partners agreed to pour $15 million (US$) into popular music-swapping site Napster, stirring up another hornet's nest of controversy in the music industry.

Will the Net Create Auto Monopolies?

When General Motors Corp. (GM) warned its dealers against selling to "direct" auto brokers like, the company confirmed what many analysts have been predicting: e-commerce is forcing a restructuring of the auto industry that is going to pit manufacturers against their own dealers.

FTC Seeking Net Privacy Regulation

In a step that has sparked debate across all corners of the political landscape, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted Friday to ask Congress for the authority to impose stiffer regulations to protect consumer privacy online.

Beleaguered DoubleClick Appoints Privacy Board

In an attempt to rebuild its tarnished image, DoubleClick, Inc. appointed an independent panel Wednesday that will be responsible for reviewing the controversial Internet advertising company's new products and services for potential privacy violations.

Of Mice and Mergers

One has to wonder if America Online CEO Steve Case and Time Warner Chairman Gerald Levin were both asleep at the switch earlier this month when Time Warner decided to yank Disney-owned ABC's programming because of a contract dispute.

Who Gets Custody of E-Commerce?

With the U.S. presidential election cycle lurching into high gear, both major political parties are stumbling over one another in an effort to take credit for the success of the Internet and e-commerce.

European Hotels Counter Portals with Online Venture

Three of the largest European hotel chains announced plans Tuesday to launch a joint venture that will provide online bookings, reservation systems and a business-to-business (B2B) platform for wholesale purchasing.

The Love Bug’s Ugly Legacy

Authorities are speculating that the most costly computer virus in history, known commonly as the Love Bug, may have originated as an attempt by its author to obtain free Internet access. According to CNN, investigators are saying that aside from replicating itself and destroying files, the virus al...

Oracle’s Ellison To Introduce Low Cost PC

According to published reports, New Internet Company, a San Francisco, California-based company owned by Oracle Chairman Lawrence Ellison, will unveil a new $199 (US$) PC that is designed to do little more than surf the Web and send e-mail. Seeking Settlement with RIAA

Just one week after his company lost the first round in a bitter legal battle with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), CEO Michael Robertson expressed hope for a negotiated settlement.

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