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Online Privacy Issues Not Created Equal

Predictably, a new tracking software program developed by Boston, Massachusetts-based Predictive Networks, Inc. has already been attacked by some privacy advocates.

Crime and Punishment, Microsoft Style

Despite the endless posturing and legal wrangling that has taken place over the duration of the Microsoft antitrust drama, Friday's proposal by the U.S. Justice Department and 19 states to split the software titan into two competing companies must have come as quite a heavy blow to Bill Gates.

The Dot-Com Corporate Culture Clash

Online women's network iVillage should install a revolving door at its New York headquarters -- if it has not done so already -- to make it easier for top management to exit.

What Has Become of AOL?

The proposed merger of America Online and Time Warner, Inc. came to a fork in the road earlier this week, when a coalition of consumer and media groups called upon the U.S. government to block the deal.

Online Privacy Inside and Out

While online privacy is one of the thorniest issues in cyberspace today, inaction and rhetoric have promoted a groundswell of fear and distrust in the average consumer.

Will the Children’s Privacy Act Trigger a Landslide?

When the Children's Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPPA) went into effect Friday, the measure received mixed reviews.

Are High-Tech CEOs Too Big for Their Britches?

Last Thursday, Indiana University joined Yale University in banning the popular Napster site because of concerns about possible copyright infringement.

Has Technology Left the Microsoft Case Behind?

According to published reports, state and federal officials are bickering over what remedies should be applied in the Microsoft antitrust case.

Teen Hacker Arrest Masks True Net Peril

This past weekend, a Canadian teen who calls himself "Mafiaboy" was arrested in the Montreal area and charged with at least one of the February denial-of-service (DoS) hacker attacks that blocked access to such popular Web sites as Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay.

Why Webvan Will Win the Online Grocery War

Just when it seemed that two Internet grocers were headed for the dot-com chopping block, a couple of food industry giants swooped in and saved the day with huge cash infusions.

The Great Online Auction Listing Scam

Last week, a federal judge disclosed plans to issue a preliminary injunction that would prevent auction portal Bidder's Edge, Inc. from gathering information off industry leader eBay's Web site.

Net Piracy Cases Clog Courts

In an ironic role reversal, a San Francisco, California-based music firm filed a lawsuit against Amazon last week for an alleged patent infringement. Amazon threw off the spark that ignited the patent firestorm when it sued last year for stealing its 1-Click shopping feature.

AOL Fiddles While Pirates Raid the Net

In what is being hailed as a landmark decision, a Bavarian state court ruled earlier this week that AOL Germany is responsible for allowing users to swap pirated music files via its online service. The court's action may finally give the music industry a powerful weapon against Internet piracy.

The Truth About E*Trade

E*Trade Group, Inc. reported quarterly results this week that far exceeded Wall Street estimates in an atmosphere where revenues -- not profits -- still rule.

Microsoft: World Wide Whipping Boy?

More flak is heading Microsoft's way -- this time over the software giant's Internet Explorer Web browser. The Web Standards Project, a grassroots software developer group, is complaining that the latest version of Internet Explorer is based on proprietary code rather than industry-wide technology s...

B2B Ventures Losing Their Allure

When a leading Web incubator announced earlier this week that it would stop investing in business-to-business (B2B) companies, it reinforced concern that the dot-com shakeout in the business-to-consumer arena may be spreading to the realm of B2B.

Are Election Politics Tainting the E-Tax Debate?

In an effort to help elect Republican candidates to office this fall, U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is set to propose an extension on the current e-commerce tax moratorium until 2006.

EU Privacy Pact Held Hostage by Powerful Few

Just when it appeared that several years of negotiations between the U.S. Commerce Department and the European Union would lead to a new international privacy pact, a coalition of U.S. businesses is voicing strong opposition to its ratification.

Buried Treasure in B2B Software

While GartnerGroup predicts that business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce will reach a staggering $7.29 trillion (US$) by 2004, the real sweet spot for most successful B2B players is not likely to be the Web portal arena.

Dell Builds a Better Dot-Com Model

This week, when Dell Computer Corp. unveiled its plan to sell computers that manage networks and data storage technology online, the company once again demonstrated why it continues to be such a strong e-commerce player.

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