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Linux is dead for PC's
Posted by jescott418 on 2010-12-06 06:13:07
In reply to Katherine Noyes
Can't say that Linux did not give it a shot. But I think Linux never really lived on the PC. At least not for home users. In my own opinion Linux became too fragmented and had way too little support to ever convince many home users to even think about Linux. Only the Microsoft or Apple haters you know the ones who cannot stand big business ever overlooked Linux and its flaws and stayed with it. I think it does very well in a specific product which does not have to conform to the so many hardware combinations in a PC.

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Re: Has Linux Reached the End of the Line?  Katherine Noyes  2010-12-02 07:26:47
You will know it when...  bw  2010-12-06 16:57:28
Contradictions  pogson  2010-12-09 08:09:22
Context, please!  bw  2010-12-11 05:31:09
Linux is dead for PC's  jescott418  2010-12-06 06:13:07
End less Linux  i1j2s3  2010-12-03 04:20:56
decoupage or journalism?  markhahn  2010-12-02 13:55:52
Actually not blog quotes...  hairyfeet  2010-12-14 06:01:56
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