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Re: Samsung, Linux and the Bothersome Bricking Problem
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2013-02-11 11:24:01
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If Linux Girl didn't have to spend such a large proportion of her salary dry-cleaning her cape each week, there's no doubt she would invest those extra fortunes in some of the many purveyors of ibuprofen and other pain-relieving medicines. Why? Because of all the headaches FOSS fans are forced to endure here in the Linux blogosphere. Not only have we been presented in recent months with the ongoing Secure Boot saga on Windows 8 PCs, but now it looks like Samsung laptops can get bricked when you boot Linux using UEFI.

Re: Samsung, Linux and the Bothersome Bricking Problem
Posted by: jpollard 2013-02-12 13:12:38 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
It can happen easily...

Anytime you update an EPROM/FLASH device.

You used to only brick them when loading BIOS updates...

Now, the UEFI is defined to allow (and use) the EPROM to store internal boot logs, boot parameters, arbitrary text...

So any error in handling the data and putting it into flash can cause a brick - by having the hardware initialization attempt to identify used/free areas for more logs... and have an unhandled error.

This can happen any time during the boot -- such as a power failure at just the wrong point in loading a BIOS, now you have the SAME problem on every boot...

The STUPID part is not catching (and handling) the error, and not providing a minimum of a "reset" that would put things back in a default setup.
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