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Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2013-06-10 06:13:32
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In a world with sky-high divorce rates and inconsistent church attendance, it doesn't seem too big a stretch to say that fidelity is an increasingly rare virtue in the population at large. Can the same be said of the Linux-using masses? That, indeed, is just what the clever crew over at TuxRadar apparently set out to learn recently via a thought-provoking Open Ballot. "Do you ever see yourself switching back to Windows or Mac OS X -- or BSD, Solaris, MikeOS or any other OS -- and leaving Linux behind?" TuxRadar's query read.

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: Llewen 2013-06-15 12:35:51 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I'm a gamer. I go where the games are, and for the most part 'nix doesn't run the games I want to play, on the hardware I want to play on. I love 'nix, I love how you can tweak it just exactly the way you want it, I love that it's free, I love that it's for the most part rock solid stable, but as far as I know, none of my newer games run on it. Hell, some day this old fart might be forced to buy a console... *shudders*

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: sicofante 2013-06-10 17:13:54 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
Now I'm starting to understand. The usual suspect in your list of chosen bloggers -yes, the one with the most proper troll name- doesn't know how to find the right hardware for his software, so he moves to a preinstalled* OS (Win 7). Then he goes on to name calling the OS he couldn't grasp, when it really "just works" for everyone capable of making sure the hardware is right, while being both fisher-price easy to use and power-user friendly at the same time. If that wasn't enough, he pompously predicts the death of the most succesful desktop Linux company there is five years -no less, LOL- after his petty frustration!!! So this was all personal and out of sheer bitterness in the end.

As I said, now I understand.

Oh, and BTW, I wouldn't go back to Windows or OS X (although I'm forced to use both every now and then). Not a few years ago and much less now, when Ubuntu is making huge steps in the right direction. It really is an easier and more useful desktop OS than Windows now, and they have nailed the design of device convergence Microsoft and Apple are struggling so much at. Even if I didn't care for freedom and price (which I do), I would move to Ubuntu just because it's easier, more productive and doesn't force me to pre-configured hardware (Windows) or a single hardware maker (OS X). AND it is about to offer a true common user experience on different devices. All this in spite of being owned by an obnoxious millionaire nerd.

*No one with more than two brain cells can say any Windows version is easier to install than Ubuntu when it doesn't come preinstalled. Just try installing Windows 7 on a Core 2 Duo mainstream laptop, where most manufacturers EOLed their products at Vista and don't provide any current drivers.

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-06-21 01:51:18 In reply to: sicofante
Ahhh, the classic "blame the victim" strategy. tell me...are you REALLY gonna say one of the largest OEMs ON THE PLANET can't choose hardware?

if one of the largest OEMs on the planet, who only sold Linux on less than a dozen devices, has to run their own fork just to make your stupid driver model work? Then you need to face facts its NOT the user, ITS THE SYSTEM and specifically a pathetically bad driver model.

If you want I'll be happy to wallpaper this page with citation after citation, but of course then it'll just devolve into the circle of loon..

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: sicofante 2013-06-21 10:37:35 In reply to: hairyfeet
I'm gonna say that "the largest OEM in the planet" hasn't put the slightest effort in complying with whatever deal they made with Canonical, that's pretty obvious for anyone but little frustrated trolls like you. Of course they can choose hardware. They simply won't do it for Canonical. Dell's hardware (not just their laptops, but everything up to servers) is internally as non-mainstream as possible. I've dealt with them on every segment. You better don't even change a PSU on one of their workstations if you want them working properly. But why would I have to explain that to you? You're not here to understand or analyze things honestly, you're here to play fortune-teller and give Katherine Noyes some "other side" story, no matter how poor and weak.

You're not a victim. You're just an ignorant troll. The internet is filled to the brim with people like you. For some reason I thought you were serious before. Now I'm having a great time waiting for year 2016 and see you silently disappear from the internets, change your nickname, etc. The usual stuff.

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-06-21 11:41:01 In reply to: sicofante
Wow, lets see how many tropes you have managed in a single post. Well right off the back you used"you are using the wrong hardware"

"Shills trolls vampires"

I could throw in "You are using the wrong hardware" AGAIN, but you also imply two other tropes so I will use those just for the sake of variety, "Linux friendly hardware"

And the classic "Linux supports more hardware than Windows"

You know why I can wallpaper a site with citations while ALL YOU CAN DO is hurl insults? because unlike you I have TRUTH on my side, when you have TRUTH you don't need insults, you can back up your words with citations.

Oh and do you know why I can produce you argument ENTIRELY in tropes? because you and the various koolaid drinkers have been spewing the same. old.lame.excuses. so long they are cliches. It is ALWAYS the other guys fault, its ALWAYS "use Distro X!" its the same tired of bull. I can post links showing every major B&M, walmart, Best Buy, Staples, they have ALL tried your BS and found it to be that, but that is ALWAYS their fault, right? They didn't "respect teh precious" and so it didn't work. meanwhile billions of Windows users can update with ZERO driver breakage, can use software without needing recompiles or making sure they have kernel blah blah blah.

You see I'm your worst nightmare...I'm a retailer. We have tried your junk but we will NOT drink the koolaid, instead we will put it through rigorous testing and guess what we find? Aww, Linux fall down and go boom! Again and AGAIN AND AGAIN, you pick the hardware, it will NOT survive the Hairyfeet 5 year challenge, it won't. Oh and as for your great hardware support? I leave you with one of hundreds of citations, just ask and I'll be happy to give you PLENTY more..

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: sicofante 2013-06-21 19:52:55 In reply to: hairyfeet
You're my worst what? LOL Are you even for real??? You're a retailer? You mean one of those who can't tell a PC from a toaster? That might explain something. I'm a system builder. And my wife is a physical therapist. Nice to meet you. Now let's leave the smalltalk aside.

I can't see any single truth in your claims. Not a single one. You don't seriously mean that funny site you cite so frequently is some sort of a source for... err... something, are you? Have you ever asked yourself why are you given the same replies every time: because you're always doing the same mistakes and making the same silly claims. Stubborn you. Ts, ts.

The fact -the truth- is there are millions of happy Ubuntu users living a problem-free life (as problem-free as it gets with ANY OS on ANY hardware), no matter how bitter you get about all this. And now we know it's personal. You've been there, you tried using Linux on some Windows-only hardware, it made you feel stupid and now you're angry. Now it's all Linux fault. LOL. I bet you aren't brave enough to blame OS X for not running on your Windows-only hardware, are you? Of course not. Apple doesn't claim it will. Surprise: neither does Canonical!!! System76 -a manufacturer- does guarantee their Ubuntu boxes will work flawlessly, though... (I also guarantee my workstations BTW). Oh, you haven't tried one. There goes your "truth"... Too bad.

It's OK. There must be people like you out there. You might not even notice, but making a fool of yourself -like you always do here- actually helps sympathy for Linux grow among readers.

Nice chatting with you.

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-06-22 10:31:17 In reply to: sicofante
And yet more proof that a "FOSSie" who like a Moonie treats their OS like a religion (and thus can broke no dissension, like a young earther in that way) can ONLY hurl insults, you know why? NO TRUTH on your side, none. So I guess it is time to use the most scary thing a FOSSIe can ever be faced with, a nice heaping dose of truth.

By you logic Asus must also "not know hardware" even thought they too are one of the largest OEMS..

And why did they switch? How about a quote "If you want the full functionality of a notebook you are going to go with Windows. Because hey? Linux fall down, go boom. More? How about a nice list with more than 32 links showing major failings in the OS? here ya go..

But of course he "isn't teh expert user" so how about ESR bashing his head against a wall trying to get a fricking printer to print over a network? Something that has been trivial to do in Windows since 2000?

You know I can do this ALL DAY, right? Nice thing about having truth on your side, you have plenty of evidence instead of insults. I'm sure you'll repsond by calling me a "dirty dirty man" and talk about your shrink wife (has she thought of treating you for your FOSSie delusions?) but you will have absolutely jack and squat but insults and "Works for me!" that is Trope #2 in case you are counting..

Now what piece of truth to end with, maybe reports of Ubuntu trashing laptop drives? nah, too easy. walmart running away from linux as fast as it can? MSI saying they had 4 times as many returns when it came to Linux? nah, you'll just say that all the OEMs can't "love teh precious" by giving it the magical Linux friendly hardware (trope 23). Since I stand for the users, how about a nice long rant about the broken driver situation from the head of OSNews, who had the whole system crap all over itself when he tried to do the waaay too complicated for Linux task of watching a video AND having a chat window open, Madness, thinking he could do multiple tasks at once, why he should have only needed a Bash window!

Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
Posted by: sicofante 2013-06-22 22:01:04 In reply to: hairyfeet
You can't tell a _physical_ therapist from a shrink. LOL. No wonder you have such difficulties understanding your so called "truths" (all of them have been debunked ad nauseam; you don't really expect me to discuss them with you, do you?).

I don't have to insult you. You do a pretty good job at self-insulting yourself by trying to pass all that nonsense as "truths".

All I'm saying is that's pretty obvious you've had a bad experience with Ubuntu, while millions have a great experience with it or they would simply not using it (mostly non-geeks; as a matter of fact, most geeks hate Ubuntu as much as you. Not surprisingly. Extremism builds strange friendships...). That must have had a serious impact in your life. Nothing else could explain that amount of hate.

You have yet to mention a manufacturer who has actually given Linux a real choice instead of just "throwing it" at whatever hardware they were running Windows on before. Asus definitely didn't have a clue when they put some Linux on their netbooks... Or did they? Because, you know, they got free Windows XP licenses for replacing Linux on those netbooks. I'll leave it to you to understand what exactly went on there... I've mentioned one manufacturer that will guarantee your Ubuntu machine to work properly: System76 (besides myself, of course, and lots of small local builders). You may know another one: ZaReason. Zero problems running Ubuntu on those machines. Why? Because they just cared that all the hardware was properly supported.

I'm running Ubuntu on a Dell Studio 1537. Dell stopped supporting Windows for that laptop at Vista. It's a nightmare making it work for Windows 7 (although with a lot of hard work, I was able to trick it into it), and Windows 8 is completely out of the question, even when the hardware should be perfectly capable of running both. Is Dell "an ignorant Windows partner"? Obviously not, but they decided not to support anything beyond Windows Vista on that laptop. Their Ubuntu laptops get even less than nominal support for Ubuntu. I wouldn't blame Microsoft for not supporting my Dell Studio 1537 when its hardware is perfectly capable of running Windows 7 and 8. That's Dell's fault and it's Dell who I blame (the same I blame you for being incapable of finding the right hardware for your Ubuntu installations, when it works perfectly well in millions of systems out of the box...). In the same way, I don't blame Canonical/Ubuntu for not running on unsupported hardware or "nominally supported hardware", which is basically a scam by Dell. Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 (I haven't tried 12.10) happen to run flawlessly pn the same 1537 without any manual intervention from the user (no drivers installations needed whatsoever), but that's just a, let's call it "happy coincidence". That laptop wasn't built for Ubuntu. Amazingly, that sort of "happy coincidence" happens very very often, that's why millions enjoy Ubuntu on hardware not designed for Ubuntu. You do get that far, don't you?

That's why you look so silly whining about Ubuntu not running _for you_. Seriously: who the hell cares? Who the hell are YOU in the middle of millions of happy Ubuntu users? A retailer? So what? Most haven't got a clue and you obviously haven't either.

Don't waste your time with more silly links that show nothing but your bitterness, stupidity and obsession. Try using your brains instead and apply a few simple logical rules. You'll get much farther than playing with that crystal ball of yours.

Oh, and BTW, quick, pack you bags and go save those 8 mobile carriers that just signed agreements with Canonical. Get them to know all your silly links and how they "prove" they're committing suicide, because Ubuntu will be -LOL- dead -LOL- by 2016... (Poor soul.)
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