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Re: Canonical's Edgy Endeavor
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2013-08-05 05:28:49
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Fans of Ubuntu will have to be forgiven if they've been a little distracted lately. After all, exactly two weeks ago Canonical launched its crowdfunding campaign for the new Ubuntu Edge smartphone. It's not just any crowdfunding campaign, of course -- it's a big one. Really big -- to the tune of $32 million. No one ever said Mark Shuttleworth lacked ambition, and indeed the campaign got off to a good start. Last week, however, the pace of contributions began to slow down.

Re: Canonical's Edgy Endeavor
Posted by: kibert 2013-08-12 08:28:16 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
What I don't get is...

Why does ANYONE, including journalists, believe ANYTHING Mark Shuttleworth says?

One more Mystery Of The Universe.

Ooooh! Ooooh! I know now: it's that SAPPHIRE SCREEN!

Re: Canonical's Edgy Endeavor
Posted by: hairyfeet 2013-08-14 19:21:00 In reply to: kibert
I'll do ya one better, why does anybody care anymore about what ubuntu is doing when the owner no longer will put his money where his mouth is and is instead using kickstarter to fund his follies?

if you look at what has been going on with Canonical since Shuttleworth stopped bankrolling it you'll see why I'm predicting their death or at the very least their "giving the desktop to the community" aka abandoning the desktop for a last stand in the server space and its because they are flopping like a fish on the bank. I mean how many failed products have they announced since Sugardaddy Shuttleworth pulled the purse strings closed? Ubuntu netbook, Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu Tablet, Ubuntu One server (after Shuttleworth swore up and down that "We are and will remain a desktop company") and now Ubuntu Phone.

I mean why do you think that is folks? The answer is simple, they have more money going out than coming in and the coffers will soon run dry. This is the downside of FOSS that I have pointed out repeatedly in that you HAVE to base your business on one of the "blessed three" ways to make money with FOSS and a lot of businesses and programs just don't fit into the blessed three of selling services/support, selling hardware, or the tin cup donation model. this is why you'll never see a triple A FOSS game with the polish of Bioshock and why the Linux desktop is so far behind the other 2, you have to have the resources to polish the product and advertise and since neither fit into the blessed three the funds just aren't there.

Re: Canonical's Edgy Endeavor
Posted by: dowdle 2013-08-06 09:06:38 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
What I don't get... is... if you add up the various level amounts and the pledges for them, they add up to under $2 million. Go ahead, do the math, I'll wait. So, what's the deal. Does Indigogo just not show it all or what?
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