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Re: 5 Ways to Improve Your Privacy Online
Posted by: Dietrich T. Schmitz 2013-07-30 13:48:27
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It wasn't long after the Internet came into widespread use that online privacy became a growing concern. After all, anytime people are connected through their computers and sharing resources online, there's the potential for prying and abuse. Such concerns were compounded with the arrival of social networks, online banking and, of course, malware -- among other points of potential weakness. Then -- just last month -- PRISM happened.

Re: 5 Ways to Improve Your Privacy Online
Posted by: JacsonVidales 2016-04-20 20:59:42 In reply to: Dietrich T. Schmitz
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The FCC's plans to roll back the Net neutrality rules will be good for business.
The Internet is an essential utility, and all users should get equal access.
I oppose Net neutrality because I have conservative views.
I favor Net neutrality because I have liberal views.
The controversy is overblown -- the Internet will be fine either way.
I have no idea what Net neutrality means to me personally.