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Re: AMD, Intel Stick with Speed for Gamers
Posted by shadowmind on 2004-10-22 08:22:10
In reply to Jay Lyman
Mercury Research president Dean McCarron, is incorrect on all accounts.<br>
"Extreme Gamers" are not the only market segment that requires the fastest possible clockspeeds on CPUs or GPUs. There are dozens of other maintream sectors that upgrade to these behemoth machines on a regular basis. Defense analysis, Geographical Information Systems, 3D map modeling, Terra-mapping, just to name a few.
To say that the market field for high end CPUs and GPUs consists of only 20,000 users is completely false. If that were the case, my company alone is 2% of the entire market, which I seriously doubt.
There is a reason AMD is pushing the FX and 64s cores faster and faster, it's because they know they are the lions share of the high end market. If they're able to push Intel out of that market completely, they'll win the CPU war overall.
Intel will become akin to ATI, where they sell mainly to the lowend desktops, while their main competator gobbles up the market because they own the high end market. They'll realize too late that the high end eventually becomes the low end. By that time, it'll be too late and they'll be on the second rung of the CPU war, with AMD chips as the mainstream GPU.
As a sidenote, any "Extreme Gamer" knows that CPU core speed is only a secondary factor to getting the most juice out of your machine. It's all about the graphics processor. So long as GPUs continue to excell, the "Extreme Gamers" will be happy. The other high end sectors won't however, we need those CPU clock speeds to continue to advance.

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Re: AMD, Intel Stick with Speed for Gamers  Jay Lyman  2004-10-18 13:37:21
Re: AMD, Intel Stick with Speed for Gamers  shadowmind  2004-10-22 08:22:10
Re: AMD, Intel Stick with Speed for Gamers  mabricen  2004-10-18 14:08:26
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