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Re: Dual-Core Duel for AMD, Intel
Posted by Mikail on 2005-03-07 09:52:27
In reply to inchmurrin
re. IBM is primarily an Intel shop, with the exception of some high-performance computing systems that use Opteron chips.
What about their Power5 CPU, that Apple uses as well, with great success I might add. Not an Intel or AMD stamp any where to be found.

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Re: Dual-Core Duel for AMD, Intel  Susan B. Shor  2005-02-27 06:54:30
Re: Dual-Core Duel for AMD, Intel  inchmurrin  2005-02-28 09:19:59
Re: Dual-Core Duel for AMD, Intel  Mikail  2005-03-07 09:52:27
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