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Re: AMD Aims Geode at 'Desktop-Style' Devices
Posted by Kagehi on 2005-05-23 17:04:44
In reply to Jay Lyman
Hmm. If they are anything like the 'kiosks' I have already seen they will be overpriced and buggy as hell. Exactly what one expects from a Windows product, but as usual, when it screws up AMD's chip will be blamed for the defective quality, not the software running on it. Don't believe me? Ask some of the so called 'computer techs' in Lake Havasu, who told me they don't use AMD products, because they are junk. Reality - they don't use them because they are idiots who think running Intel in a desert at above optimal temperatures with insufficient cooling makes Intel 'good' because it doesn't just get fed up with the heat and stop working. Sort of the same type who would never change the oil in their car, then complain that the newest model 'just stopped working' sooner than the last one they owned. lol
Oh well, I am sure someone will find a way to install Linux on these things, unless MS pulls the, "Patent on using software product X on device Y.", idiocy they recently advocated.

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Re: AMD Aims Geode at 'Desktop-Style' Devices  Jay Lyman  2005-05-23 16:56:17
Re: AMD Aims Geode at 'Desktop-Style' Devices  Kagehi  2005-05-23 17:04:44
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