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Re: AMD Mothballs Low-End Personal Internet Communicator
Posted by grib on 2007-01-03 20:20:01
In reply to Jennifer LeClaire
There is more to the story than the $16 million loss. The Geode processors have historically been very expensive to manufacture, and AMD actually risked additional losses with each sale. The Geode plan would only be successful with advances in manufacturing. (Read AMD's 10-K reports for the last few years for more info.)
Also, I'm not entirely sure why this shows up in Linux Insider - the only Linux involved was the software update infrastructure. The PIC operating system was a Windows CE implementation, and the firmware precluded booting other system - it required a specific boot sector flag. (See the General Software documentation for more info.)

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Re: AMD Mothballs Low-End Personal Internet Communicator  Jennifer LeClaire  2007-01-03 20:09:55
Re: AMD Mothballs Low-End Personal Internet Communicator  grib  2007-01-03 20:20:01
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