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The Timeframe is also Important.
Posted by BT62 on 2008-06-13 12:57:55
In reply to Sonia Arrison
The investigation isn't centering around now or even the last 24 months. The main timeframe is approx 1999 - 2003. During this time, AMD was practically nonexistant except in the DIY / Whitebox community. Demand was strong, but none of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) would build anything with AMD inside. It didn't make any sense. AMD processors were at times, faster than Intel (K7 reached 1 ghz before the PIII did) and cost less. Who wouldn't want to be able to sell a faster computer for better profits? Well, the reason is that Intel was funneling money back to the manufacturers under the table as an incentive to not use AMD AT ALL. When you have the market advantage that Intel has, that is illegal. AMD even tried to GIVE AWAY their chips once just to get HP to start making servers with their chips!! Hp was going to take the deal and then suddenly, it was a no go. They had even readied all of the promotional marketing material! Word was that Intel execs came to HP and told them point blank that if they used AMD, they would no longer be supplied with the Intel chips they needed for their customers that wanted them.

These are the tactics that AMD is contesting.

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