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Obama space policy
04/16/10 9:43 PM PT | TechNewsWorld Talkback Forum | 973 Words

... Noyes made a mistake in her article by saying the design of the heavy lift rocket is to be completed by 2015. Actually, Obama said he will make a decision on whether OR NOT to design a heavy lift rocket, and his...

A REAL job for Katherine Noyes' Merry-Making Couch Potatoes
04/02/14 11:36 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 94 Words
Re: Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses
06/21/13 10:37 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 181 Words

But why would I have to explain that to you? You're not here to understand or analyze things honestly, you're here to play fortune-teller and give Katherine Noyes some "other side" story, no matter how poor and weak.

You're not a...

credit will be applied
11/02/10 10:54 AM PT | LinuxInsider Talkback Forum | 97 Words

I didn't rip anything sent to Katherine. I did quote comments sent to me in my last article, as I stated up front in this article. You are correct, there is quite a bit of copied material in this article, again, to...


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