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Apple's Q1 Beats Wall Street, but Breaks a Profit Streak
April 24, 2013
Apple dominated the earnings roundup this week. Investors braced for a quarterly report that could determine whether the company's stock heads back towards last September's highs -- or continues its 40 percent-plus decline. Expectations weren't stellar for Apple before the Q1 report, but the company did barely beat analyst estimates thanks to high sales for iPhones and iPads.
Analysts: What's Ailing Apple Isn't Contagious
April 19, 2013
Apple's stock plunge this week to its lowest levels in a year has the financial community bracing for the company's earnings announcement next week. That stock drop is raising questions about whether the company's problems will worm their way into other corners of the Apple universe. For example, Verizon Wireless -- a key carrier partner for Apple -- announced this week that it sold 4 million iPhones in Q1.
Analyst: Slack Demand Sours Apple's Outlook
April 12, 2013
Wall Street continues to take a jaundiced view of Apple's fortunes for the year, as shown in the latest research note on the company from Morgan Stanley, which revised its estimates Thursday for Apple shipments of iPhones and iPads. Shipments of the iPhone for the quarter ending in March will be around 33 million, down from its original estimate of 37 million.
Supply Chain Snags Weigh Down Apple's Stock
March 13, 2013
Jefferies on Tuesday became the latest Wall Street firm to downgrade its Apple price target as it blamed a delay with an iPhone product launch and slower smartphone sales. Analyst Peter Misek trimmed his target price from $500 to $420. Several other analysts also have downgraded the stock since it fell from its $705 peak last September.
Sinking Stock May Signal End to Apple's Glory Days
March 6, 2013
Apple's stock price is having another queasy week, falling to a 52-week low on Monday. The drop raised questions as to whether the consumer electronics company is either undervalued -- or if its sky-high earnings days are over. The stock price dipped as low as $419 on Monday, the weakest it had been since January of last year.
Cook Cheers Investors While Saying Very Little
February 28, 2013
CEO Tim Cook presided over Apple's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, where he fielded questions about a lawsuit filed by activist investor David Einhorn. In his complaint, Einhorn demanded that Apple unbundle scheduled votes that he claimed would require shareholders to consider separate matters in one ballot. Cook called the lawsuit "silly," but the judge ruled in favor of Einhorn.
Apple Stock Split Rumors Fly as Shareholder Meeting Looms
February 27, 2013
Apple's Cupertino headquarters will be open for investors Wednesday as the company holds its annual shareholder meeting, an event that has attracted more than its share of hype thanks to two big questions: What's coming next from the tech giant, and what it will do with its $137 billion cash pile?
Einhorn to Apple: Time to Pay the Piper
February 22, 2013
Hedge fund manager and rogue Apple investor David Einhorn hosted a conference call for shareholders Thursday as he continued his campaign to steer more cash from the company's balance sheet toward investors. Einhorn, a manager at Greenlight Capital, used the call as part of his broader strategy to pressure Apple to issue a stockholder dividend rather than let the company's $137 billion lay idle.
Apple's Cook: We're Not Done Innovating Yet
February 13, 2013
Despite a stock drop, a lawsuit from a hedge fund manager and questions about future products, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience at a Goldman Sachs technology conference Tuesday that innovation remains "deeply embedded" in the company's culture, and that it has "never been stronger."
Investors Unnerved by Apple Stock Slide
January 16, 2013
Spooked by reports that Apple is cutting its iPhone 5 orders, many investors unloaded their Apple stock this week, sending the price dipping to its lowest point in nearly a year. The company did not confirm the reports that first appeared in The Wall Street Journal, but several analysts have also cut estimates on iPhone sales for the quarter.
Investors Panic Over Petering iPhone Popularity
January 15, 2013
Apple stock has fallen below the $500 mark on news that it reduced orders of iPhone 5 screens, and possibly screens for other devices. Many see the revised orders as cause for alarm, and investors have driven the stock to a closing price of $485.92, the first time it's been priced below $500 since Feb. 16 of last year.
Apple Gives China a Long, Hard Look
January 9, 2013
In a market as fiercely competitive as the mobile device market, one company's good fortune could mean trouble for another, meaning Samsung's high expectations for its fourth quarter could come at Apple's expense. Samsung previewed its fourth quarter financials this week, expressing optimism that smartphone sales will help deliver another record quarter.
Apple Takes a Dizzying Plunge on Wall Street
December 6, 2012
In one day this week, Apple's stock dropped by almost 7 percent -- its biggest single-day loss in four years, and a highly unusual development for this rock-star device maker that not too long ago launched the new iPhone 5. The decline moves Apple closer to the so-called death cross -- the point at which a stock's long- and short-term trend lines start to head down.
Apple Tries Its Hand at Discounts, Refurbs
November 21, 2012
This Friday marks the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season, as many stores open early to offer some of the best deals of the season, and this year, Apple is getting in on the fun. Discounts are unusual for Apple, but it teased the Black Friday deals that only will be available Nov. 23, both online and in its retail stores. It did not say which products specifically would be discounted, or by how much.
Intel Could Get Strong-ARMed Out of Macs
November 7, 2012
Apple might be looking for ways to ditch Intel in its Macs in favor of its own silicon. The company recently restructured its executive team, placing hardware guru Bob Mansfield in charge of a technologies group that is reportedly leading new chip development at the company. That research could help transition its ARM mobile chips into its computer lineup, giving Apple products a more uniform inner makeup.
Tim Cook Prunes Apple's Tree
October 31, 2012
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced an overhaul of his executive team this week, including the departure of iOS head Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browett and additional shifting of top managers. Forstall ran the software team responsible for creating iOS 6, the latest software for the iPhone and iPad that included the highly criticized Maps app. With the iOS 6 launch, Apple ditched Google Maps and took its mapping technology in-house for the first time, but the move wasn't a smooth one.
Ecosystem Agnostics May Tip Scales for iPad Mini Sales
October 24, 2012
All eyes were on Apple on Tuesday as the company held its second product launch this fall to announce the iPad mini, along with refreshes to its iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac mini lines, ahead of the holiday shopping season. The iPad mini features the same dual-core A5 processor as the iPad 2. The 7.9-inch device was designed to be light and thin for one-handed use.
Consumers May Be Cooling Toward Apple
October 10, 2012
Apple stock ascended to a record high earlier this year, but the company has experienced a slight fall from grace in the past few weeks, with the stock down 10 percent from its all-time high of $705.07 on Sept. 21, the day the company launched the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Judging by the post-launch social buzz about the products, some of Apple's shine might be wearing off, said John Feland, CEO and founder of Argus Insights.
AAPL Soars Past Magic $700 Mark on iPhone 5 Frenzy
September 19, 2012
Apple's iPhone 5 is driving the stock to all-time highs, climbing past $700 per share for the first time in the tech giant's history. The company had already claimed the title of most valuable company before it surged past $700, but its close at $701.91 on Tuesday was a high point for the maker of the iPhone. The sky-high numbers came after the company announced it sold more than 2 million iPhone 5s Friday.
Apple vs. Samsung: There Will Be More Blood
August 29, 2012
Apple admirers cheered when a jury in San Jose, Calif., last week found Samsung guilty of infringing on many of Cupertino's design and utility patents, a transgression for which the Galaxy smartphone maker will have to pay over $1 billion in damages. Apple's stock was given a big boost on the news. However, the battle between the two is just beginning.
Competition Takes Bite Out of Apple in China
August 24, 2012
Today in international tech news: Apple's slice of China's smartphone market drops. Also: Apple and Samsung are both losers in a South Korean court ruling; South Korea nixes a regulation requiring Internet users to use their names; the world's largest oil company is hacked, with more to come; a German law firm says it will publish the names of people downloading pirated porn.
September Is Put-Up or Shut-Up Time for Apple
August 22, 2012
Apple was recently crowned the most valuable public company in history. But in order to keep that title, its next iPhone, expected to go on sale next month, will have to be a huge hit. That could very come to pass. A report from FBR Market's Craig Berger predicted the upcoming phone could sell as many as 250 million units over its lifecycle.
Apple's Record-Breaking Value: Hard to Reach, Hard to Keep
August 21, 2012
The stock market can't get enough of Apple, it would seem. On Monday the company's shares passed the $664 mark, setting a new record as the most valuable publicly traded company in history. On Tuesday morning the legend continued: Apple's stock rose close to 1 percent, trading at $671.30 per share before hitting a mid-morning decline.
Where Apple's Boy Genius Went Wrong
August 9, 2012
Apple produced a set of three terrible ads that ran on television for the first part of the Olympics. They featured a cute and likeable Apple Genius boy/man out in public in his Apple Genius blue t-shirt helping hapless individuals. They didn't exactly resonate with me, but hey, any commercial that doesn't freakin' sing to me gets ignored.
Apple's Fancy New Social Play
August 8, 2012
Recent reports suggest Apple might be weighing a jump into the online social world. With Facebook and Google bringing in ad revenue and additional exposure from their social networks, the company may be looking to invest in a social startup of its own. Apple is reportedly in talks to purchase The Fancy, a social e-commerce site that has been likened to Pinterest.
Apple Widens Its Lead in Sizzling Tablet Market
August 3, 2012
Apple shows no signs of yielding its clear lead position in tablet sales following a record second quarter in a tablet market that's hotter than ever, according to research from IDC. Tablet makers worldwide shipped 25 million units in the second quarter of 2012, IDC found.
Mountain Lion Sells Like Hotcats
August 1, 2012
Apple's new version of its operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, launched last week in what the company said was the biggest debut for any OS X edition ever, exceeding 3 million downloads in four days. The new OS has more than 200 new features, including enhanced iCloud integration and a greater emphasis on sharing and storing data across multiple Apple devices.
Apple's Indestructible Super Suit Gets a Slight Tear
July 25, 2012
Uh oh. Apple has done the seemingly impossible: It failed to meet analysts' expectations for its quarterly performance. Not that an investor would feel any sense of dismay by merely studying Apple's numbers. The company posted quarterly revenue of $35 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.8 billion. These results compare to revenue of $28.6 billion and net profit of $7.3 billion in the year-ago quarter.
Virgin Media's Multimillion-Dollar Usain Bolt Ad Campaign Banned
July 25, 2012
A British watchdog has banned an advertising campaign by Virgin Media which used Usain Bolt because of claims Bolt makes about super-fast broadband, according to The Guardian. The ad campaign, which cost Virgin millions of dollars, showed Bolt, a gold medal-winning Jamaican sprinter, mimicking Virgin's founder to promote the company's goal of doubling broadband Internet speeds.
Apple's Balloon Loses a Little Air
July 25, 2012
Apple announced quarterly earnings that were lower than expected Tuesday, causing shares to plunge in after-hours trading. Though analysts weren't projecting another record quarter for the Cupertino company, results still fell short of Street predictions. Profit rose 21 percent to $8.8 billion, or $9.32 per share, on a revenue of $35 billion.
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