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Why Haven't the Android Hordes Routed the iPad?
March 14, 2013
The fact that IDC revised its 2013 tablet market forecast to give Android-based tablets the edge in shipping over the market-leading Apple iPad wasn't surprising. What was surprising? That it has taken Android so long to get anywhere near this point, a projected 48.8 percent of the market to Apple's 46 percent by year's end.
123D Creature Is an Awesome Exercise in Facing Your Monsters
March 11, 2013
When I saw Autodesk's 123D Creature, an iPad app that lets you build three-dimensional monsters, I filed it away in the back of my mind as an app to try out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I finally tried it, and I wish I would have done so sooner -- and that's not because I'm awesome at creating creatures. I wish I would have tried it sooner because 123D Creature has revitalized my faith in humanity.
Intel Inside iPhones, iPads Would Let Apple Kick Samsung Out
March 8, 2013
Intel's reported plans to provide more contract manufacturing of processors are renewing speculation that it will seek a deal with Apple to make chips for its iPads and iPhones, according to published reports. That could leave Samsung, which makes chips for iOS devices, out of the picture.
Does Apple Need a Bigger Stick - or Charm School?
March 7, 2013
Apple, in so many ways, is now king of the hill. As such, behind every rock on the Web there seems to be a new charge to knock Apple down. If a competitor isn't charging the hill, Apple seems to be the target for stone-throwing. It's not that this is unexpected; the rise and fall of companies -- and Hollywood starlets -- is commonplace.
Apple May Put The Squeeze on iPhone
March 6, 2013
Apple wants to make a future iPhone your main squeeze. The company received approval Tuesday from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent that would allow you to control a device by squeezing its housing. According to Patent No. 8,390,481, Apple has invented a way to measure a user's interaction with the housing of a device independent of the user's electrical characteristics.
When It Comes to Mobile Browser Speed, This Puffin Can Soar
March 4, 2013
In order to entice me away from one of Apple's standard built-in apps -- like the Web browser Safari -- I need something faster, more functional or with a slicker design. Usually, I expect a combination of these features before I'll take the leap. Puffin Web Browser by CloudMosa has been doing pretty well in the Utilities section of the iTunes App Store, hanging around as one of the top paid utilities.
Barnes & Noble's Nook Not a Best Seller in Q3
March 1, 2013
Barnes & Noble reported this week that it will be rethinking strategy for its Nook division, since slow sales of its e-reader led to a tough recent quarter for the nation's largest book retailer. The company reported an overall total revenue slump for its third quarter, down 8.8 percent to $2.2 billion.
Judge Nixes Samsung's Request to Ban Apple Devices in Japan
March 1, 2013
Apple won a victory over Samsung in a Japanese district court Thursday that will allow it to continue to sell iPads and iPhones in that country. Samsung tried to block the sale of the Apple devices in Japan because it said they stepped on some data transfer patents that the company owned.
Count the iPad, and Apple Rules PCs
February 8, 2013
Apple lands the top spot among PC makers for the holiday quarter -- as long as the iPad is included in the figures, according to the latest report from Canalys. The market research firm, which includes tablets in its worldwide PC numbers, reported this week that overall PC shipments increased 12 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, with 134 million units shipped during the holiday season.
Little Inferno Gleefully Ignites the Deep Dark Pyro Within
February 4, 2013
From what I've seen of humanity, there's a little pyro locked inside most of us. Maybe it's a universal longing to chase away the darkness with warmth and light, or maybe it's just a genetic quirk coded into our DNA from the days of the Ice Age when cooking up a wooly mammoth meant survival. Or maybe we just really like to see things burn.
There's More Behind Apple's Blithe iPad Release Than Meets the Eye
January 31, 2013
Apple's corporate communications department is an oxymoron -- it barely communicates at all, at least through traditional methods like press releases. If you consider the high-profile nature of Apple, the number of products, the competition, as well as the sheer size of the company, it's odd that it puts out just a handful of press releases a year.
Apple Makes Play for Even Higher-End Tablet Niche
January 30, 2013
Apple revealed a new version of its iPad Tuesday, a 128-GB version that comes with twice the storage capacity of its previous high-end tablet. The newest iPad is still under the fourth-generation iPad umbrella, and will have the same features as its predecessors, including a 9.7-inch Retina Display, an HD camera and an A6X chip.
Apple Offers iPad for Conspicuous Consumption
January 29, 2013
Apple announced a 128-GB version of the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display on Tuesday. This latest version of Apple's popular tablet computer, which doubles the capacity of the previous top-end model, is now available with WiFi as well as WiFi-plus-4G service. While Apple has been pushing its products further into the cloud, the new iPad seems to be targeting more down-to-earth usage.
Apple Stock Tanks Despite Record-Busting Sales
January 24, 2013
Apple's stock fell after the company released its most recent quarterly report, despite record revenue, iPad and iPhone sales. It posted $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per share, in net income for its first fiscal quarter on revenue of $54.5 billion. Net income was flat compared with the same period a year earlier, but revenue was up 18 percent from the $46.3 billion it earned in the year-ago quarter.
Dutch Court: Apple Can't Corner the Rounded-Corner Market
January 16, 2013
A Dutch court ruled this week that Samsung's Galaxy tablets do not infringe on certain Apple design patents relating to the iPad. Apple alleged that Samsung copied the rounded edges of its iPad to create the design on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Apple case hinged on the principle of Community Design, an intellectual property right in the European Union.
Snapguide Makes Creating a How-To a Snap
January 14, 2013
In late December, Snapguide updated its iOS app to include iPad optimization, joining the previous iPhone and website versions that somehow slipped my notice. Or maybe I did notice them months ago but walked away disinterested, which happens. I don't remember -- but now I'm interested. Apple highlighted Snapguide as a "What's Hot" selection in the iPad section of the App Store.
The Coolest Cartoon Video App You've Never Noticed: ToonCamera
January 2, 2013
ToonCamera is an app that's been flirting with stardom in the iTunes App Store: I've seen it rise as high as the No. 8 paid app in the Photo & Video category, as well as claw into the Top 100 paid apps in the store. Along the way, it's boasted a high 4 or 4.5 star user review rating. ToonCamera is an iPhone or iPad app that applies a real-time cartoonish filter to photos and videos.
Next iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina Display
December 21, 2012
While Apple is keeping its cards close to the vest about what the next iPad mini will look like, few will be surprised if it has a Retina display. It's a very likely move for the next generation mini, according to Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research. "The iPad mini really stands out as one of the few Apple products in its modern lines not to have a Retina display," he said.
Apple Pushes Out WiFi Fix for iOS 6
December 19, 2012
Apple on Tuesday began pushing a fix to a WiFi bug in iOS 6 that targets the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Apple has released very little information about the fix. Its support site simply describes the 6.0.2 update as "fixes a bug that could impact WiFi." This latest fix for iOS 6 is the second since the software was released in September.
Walmart Cuts Apple Device Prices to the Core
December 17, 2012
Walmart is breaking out the price hatchet and aiming it at some of Apple's most popular products in an effort to attract holiday shoppers looking for a last-minute deal. The retailer announced it will be carrying a handful of Apple mobile devices, including the recently released iPhone 5, at reduced prices. The 16GB iPhone 5, normally $189, will be available with a two-year contract for $127.
Burst of Loyalty Could Sew Up US Market for Samsung
December 12, 2012
Apple may get more mindshare from consumers, but Samsung currently holds the lead when it comes to market share. The connected device market, which includes PCs, tablets and smartphones, grew 27.1 percent year-over-year in the third quarter of 2012. In that time Samsung maintained the top position with 21.8 percent market share based on shipments.
USPTO Strikes Blow to Apple's Prized Multitouch Patent
December 10, 2012
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has preliminarily invalidated 20 of the claims in the so-called "Steve Jobs" patent, the second such blow dealt to Apple's IP portfolio in recent months. The Jobs moniker refers to the Apple founder's listing as the chief inventor. The patent protects the technology used in the touchscreen interface on Apple's iOS devices.
For Apple, Repairability Rules Don't Apply
December 6, 2012
Apple is frequently taken to task for its design choices, many of which revolve around the battery. For years, the naysayers were irritated that Apple's iPods and iPhones, for example, didn't have user-replaceable batteries. Worse yet, you couldn't swap in a new battery while on the go if you ran out of juice. Then Apple took away the removable batteries in its MacBook line, favoring instead to glue them in.
iTunes 11: I Want to Be More Impressed Than I Am
December 3, 2012
After the iTunes 11 delivery delay, I was hoping Apple was working through a seriously complicated redesign that would vastly improve my iTunes experience. Instead, we got iTunes 11, which looks like a huge improvement, but -- if anyone out in the world is at least somewhat like me -- is just a marginal improvement with some pretty shininess built into it.
iTunes 11 Introduces Powered-Up MiniPlayer
November 30, 2012
Apple released a new version of iTunes for Windows and OS X on Thursday, revamping the software's interface, refreshing the look of its store, and enhancing integration with cloud services. It was the software's first major overhaul since September 2010. In user libraries, Apple has abandoned the spreadsheet look in favor of a graphical layout consisting of thumbnails of all media content in the collection.
iPad Owns Black Friday Mobile Shoppers
November 28, 2012
Apple's retail stores were bustling with shoppers this Black Friday, but this year, its iPad tablet won the day as the favorite mobile device for online shoppers to use while buying other things. Mobile shopping overall was on the rise this year, according to a report from IBM.
Xbox SmartGlass: Not Quite the One, But Worth a Date or Two
November 26, 2012
I've been watching Microsoft's Xbox 360 transformation from online gaming console to living room media center for years, so when Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass app showed up earlier this month, I had to give it a whirl. My personal Xbox 360 use is fairly limited to playing a few games here and there as well as assisting small children as they attempt to play games.
iOS App Turns the Dyle on Mobile TV
November 20, 2012
For more than half the nation, live broadcast television can now be in the palm of their hands. A new accessory for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad allows the devices to receive live broadcast TV feeds through a free service offered by Dyle Mobile TV in 35 markets covering 55 percent of the U.S. population. The EyeTV Mobile accessory costs $99.95 and is made by Elgato.
Apple, Microsoft and Google Play High-Stakes Musical Chairs
November 5, 2012
The last decade seemed to be about the decline of Microsoft, the dominance of Apple, and the emergence of Google. This decade, Microsoft seems to be trending up, Apple looks increasingly at risk, and Google looks more and more like the Microsoft of 10 years ago. It is almost as if the companies have shuffled and changed chairs.
Court Orders Apple to Revise Cheeky Apology
November 2, 2012
The British court that ordered Apple to post a statement declaring that Samsung didn't infringe on its designs isn't happy with the way the order was carried out. Apple posted a statement to its UK website, but it was apparently not what the three-judge appeals panel had in mind.
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