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Video’s Route to the Mainstream: Open Standards

Adoption of online video is finally moving into the mainstream. Once constrained to companies for whom the production and distribution of video was their primary business, online video is now entering a stage of broad adoption by companies of all sizes who see video as a way to broaden their marketing reach, deepen interaction and increase engagement through the integration of video assets. This is, in turn, creating a need for open standards aimed at the Web development community, rather than the engineering community...

Google Tailors YouTube for Suits

"This is an internal communications tool for the Google Apps platform," Benjamin Wayne, CEO of Fliqz, told the E-Commerce Times. Fliqz provides the same functionality, but it is a narrow slice of its offerings, he said. "It is not a critical part of the online video market."


Fliqz CEO Benjamin Wayne on the Allure of Online Video

In 2005, as Web content was beginning to grow more dynamic and audiences more sophisticated, Benjamin Wayne hatched the idea of offering video delivery services to companies for their Web sites. The result was Fliqz, which counts among its clients, PBWiki and Friendster...

The Brave New Mashed-Up World of Online Sales

For instance, they are becoming more sophisticated. The earliest wave of applications were one-off technologies such as social networking or invitations or discussion forums. Now, Sales 2.0 tools are adding value by combing content and other data points. They are also focusing more on the business case for these apps. Consider, for instance, the growing use of videos in real estate rentals and sales. According to Benjamin Wayne, CEO of Fliqz, a provider of plug-and-play video applications, visitors to real estate Web sites were four times more likely to rent a property with video than one with only text and photos...

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