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Web 2.0 E-Commerce: A New Era of Competition

The online retail game has changed -- again ...


Pyramid in Mexico Found to Be 1,500 Years Old

"That pyramid has been known for a number of years; but what has not been known is its precise date, and it may prove to be circa 600 A.D. or later, since some of the material seems to be filled from earlier levels," said David Frye, Ph.D., an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Michigan...

Study Shows Where Multi-Channel E-Tailers Must Improve

"The degree to which shoppers now turn immediately to the Web underscores the critical role of retail site design in attracting and engaging the multi-channel consumer," David Fry, president and founder of Fry, said. "At the same time, retailers will increasingly find it worthwhile to focus offline media investments to generate consumer awareness of and interest in online storefronts."

The New Microsoft E-Commerce Crusade

"Microsoft offers the best e-commerce platform for customers and enables us to build a variety of solutions," said David Fry, president of Fry Multimedia Inc., an MCSP that recently developed the Eddie Bauer e-commerce site. "We've seen our business grow as customers in need of e-commerce solutions are seeking out Microsoft solutions." ...

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