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The Fall of Reiser

The geek factor may also have come into play -- programmers are stereotypically obtuse at reading social cues. In his blog, "Was Reiser Really Found Guilty of Being a Hacker?" Vaughan-Nichols writes, "If you look through Eric S. Raymond's The Jargon File -- the essential guide to the language of hackers -- you'll find a section of the Weaknesses of the Hacker Personality. The very first paragraph describes both the Reiser I know and the one who insisted on taking the stand to a T. Hackers have relatively little ability to identify emotionally with other people. ... Unsurprisingly, hackers also tend towards self-absorption, intellectual arrogance, and impatience with people and tasks perceived to be wasting their time...


What Makes a Good Programmer?

"As a general statement, I've often disagreed with Eric S. Raymond and Linus Torvalds about the open source development model producing 'better' code," Dean said. "A topic not really discussed by either of those guys was the number of people passionate about the code they were writing."

Eric S. Raymond: Sun ‘Thrashing’ for Direction

"At the moment, Sun is sort of thrashing," declared Eric S. Raymond, president of the Open Source Initiative, a nonprofit open-source computing advocacy group. "I expect the thrashing to continue for a while until they settle on a business model for the future," he told LinuxInsider...

ADTI: Open-Sourcers Skirt Copyrights

Ken Brown continues to fight the 'cone wars' [sic] over the origins of Linux. So much has been said it's hard to link to it all -- but if you want the latest important development, we suggest you simply go to the Tocqueville home page -- -- and scroll down to the quotation from Eric S. Raymond. Background: Brown is under furious assault for saying, contrary to popular belief, that Linus Torvalds "probably didn't write Linux from scratch." Enter a flood of angry denunciations. One of the leading denouncers is Mr. Raymond, who in 1999 wrote, "Linus Torvalds, for example, didn't actually try to write Linux from scratch. Instead, he started by reusing code and ideas from Minix, a tiny Unix-like operating system." Hmmm. You can check out the full quotation in context at Again, all we can think of to say is, 'Gofigyuh.'


OSRM Chairman Daniel Egger on Open-Source Insurance

LI: What do you say to leaders in the community -- like Richard Stallman and Eric S. Raymond -- who might argue that this kind of insurance is counterproductive? Egger: I spoke with both Richard and Eric as well as Eben Moglen and many others before initiating the company. I ...

Leaked E-Mail Fuels Microsoft-SCO Conspiracy Theories

The e-mail was posted on by that site's publisher, Eric S. Raymond, who indicated he received the e-mail from a source inside Utah-based SCO. SCO and Microsoft could not immediately be reached for comment. In separate statements, however, the companies verified...


SCO Director of Public Relations Blake Stowell Speaks Out

But when it comes to brass tacks, Blake Stowell, SCO's director of public relations, believes the company is fighting the good fight, sticking up for its own intellectual property despite the effect this move eventually might have on Linux, the GPL and the open-source community in general. While we have published outspoken perspectives by industry leaders opposed to SCO's position -- such as open-source advocate Eric S. Raymond and free-software proponent Richard Stallman -- we have yet to provide a forum for SCO directly...


Rethinking the IBM-SCO Imbroglio

The recent shouting match between Eric S. Raymond and Bruce Perens on the open-source side and Darl McBride on the SCO side has something to do with the issue. It doesn't. There's lots of sound and fury here, but no substance. Peel away the outrage, and what Raymond and others are saying is, "Show us the offending code, and we'll replace it." Great, but the lawsuit isn't about code used in Linux. It's about how that code got there. Peel away McBride's paean to intellectual property rights, and all he's really saying is, "Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger." ...

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