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IBM Expands Linux App Virtual Environment for SMBs

Only binaries where the Unix kernel has been modified or where the original application took advantage of "some sort of proprietary hardware that does not exist on the new machine" would not run without recompilation under Lx86, Ian Robinson, vice president of marketing at Transitive, told LinuxInsider...


Inside Benchmarking: Hardware Testing in the 21st Century

Because of his background in assembly-level programming and low-level C coding on machines with slow CPUs and very little RAM, David Wren, PassMark Software's founder, had a strong interest in coding efficiency and computer performance. It was from this interest that PassMark's benchmark application, PerformanceTest, was born in 1998. At that time, many of the available performance-benchmarking utilities were narrowly focused and were only suitable for use by other programmers. Many of the utilities, for example, were distributed as source code and required compilation into an executable form by the user before they could be used...

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