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The Travel Battle Rages On: May the Most Relevant Brand Win

The travel industry will see a 41 percent increase by 2016, making it a US$143 billion industry, Forrester has predicted. With that much revenue on the line, booking sites are taking significant steps to ensure that they get their piece of the traveler pie. Brands no longer can offer experiences that are irrelevant to the end-user ...

Where There’s a Web, There’s a Way: A Business Guide to Getting Social

"Virtual merchandise just gives you a different way to connect with [consumers] and pilot new merchandise without having to go to the expense of making real goods," Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies in Laguna Beach, Calif., parent company of, told the E-Commerce Times.

Tech Pathfinders to Watch in 2008

In the second half of 2007, Michael Wilson, the CEO of Makena Technologies,'s parent company, announced marketing deals with Capitol Music Group and Coca-Cola -- advertising star power that could set the Second Life alternative up for a strong 2008 Corporations have ...

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