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Columbitech Adds Support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server

By Jack M. Germain
Jan 16, 2007 4:00 AM PT

Mobile security solutions firm Columbitech announced on Monday support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10.

Columbitech Adds Support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server

The added support combines Columbitech Wireless VPN with Suse Linux Enterprise Server to enable customers to automatically configure any computer as a VPN (virtual private network) server and firewall.

The combination provides a software-only solution with low deployment cost, the company said, along with network security and PCI compliance for customers' wireless infrastructure.

Support for additional Linux distributions is not under development, said Ola Jonsson, Columbitech's chief operating officer.

"Suse is more popular with enterprise customers," Jonsson told LinuxInsider. "We already provide support for eMontavista's real-time Linux distribution. We are not specifically targeting any particular distribution."

Retail Recognition

There is a growing recognition of Linux in the retail sector, Columbitech said, as retailers are starting to see the advantages and cost savings of a Linux system.

"We are continuously expanding our product portfolio to stay ahead of market demands and meet customer requirements," said Asa Holmstrom, president of Columbitech.

Support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server assists enterprises in securing an independent, secure platform that allows them to leverage existing IT investments and stay competitive, Holmstrom added.

Support Adaptable

Columbitech Suse support could work for customers with other Linux distributions, Jonsson noted.

"It is quite a scalable solution for many wireless sites," he said. "Any enterprise customers could take our Suse product and use it on their hardware security device."

Suse Linux Enterprise Server includes a unique set of server administration, configuration and deployment tools to simplify installation and system maintenance, according to the company. With a secure wireless network based on Suse Linux Enterprise Server, Columbitech's customers can enhance security, reduce overhead, improve reliability and increase operational efficiency, the company claimed.

The entire solution is preconfigured and available with any common distribution media. Licensing of the Columbitech Wireless VPN is per server, based on the number of concurrent VPN tunnels. As an example, a single license for 50 concurrent tunnels is priced at US$2,500. For large scale deployments, volume discounts are available.

What It Does

Columbitech Wireless VPN gives mobile individuals and enterprises secure uninterrupted access to mission-critical systems across any combination of IP networks, said Columbitech.

Suse Linux Enterprise Server allows companies to benefit with the latest advancements in virtualization and open standards technologies by delivering a reliable, high-performance open source platform, the company maintained.

In addition to the Linux support, Columbitech Wireless VPN supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Symbian 9.1, pSoS, DOS and VxWorks.

"The combination of the software we developed and the Linux OS makes for a good security management solution that is not tied to any particular product," concluded Jonsson.

Salesforce Commerce Solution Guide
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Salesforce Commerce Solution Guide
Salesforce Commerce Solution Guide