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LiMo Foundation Unleashes Mobile Platform

By Jason Z. Cohen
Mar 31, 2008 12:01 AM PT

The LiMo Foundation has launched the first release of its Linux-based mobile handset software platform.

LiMo Foundation Unleashes Mobile Platform

There are 18 handsets from various manufacturers that are ready to use the platform, Andrew Shikiar, Director of Global Marketing for the LiMo Foundation, told LinuxInsider. Handsets are in the works from Motorola, NEC, Samsung and Panasonic, among others.

"What's particularly exciting is the adoption by non-founder members," Shikiar said.

TI Joins Up

Additionally, the foundation announced Monday that it has signed on Texas Instruments as a core member of the foundation.

"With nearly two decades of wireless system experience, TI has a rich heritage of supporting the advancement of embedded and mobile Linux devices," said Executive Director Morgan Gillis.

TI will take part in developing LiMo's second platform release, R2. It is the first semiconductor company to join at the core member level.

Direct Involvement

"By getting involved in LiMo, we have an opportunity to get involved directly -- to do some of the integration up front," Eric Thomas, TI's strategic marketing manager, told LinuxInsider.

TI's contribution to the platform will take the form of better power management and multimedia functionality, Thomas said.

Additionally, the company will become a member of the foundation's board of directors, executive council, architecture council and requirements council.

The LiMo Platform includes an operating system, middleware layer and application layer, all developed by its members.

The application programming interface (API) specifications are now available for download at the foundation's Web site.

Middleware components for the LiMo Platform can be implemented in either C or C++ programming languages. Software development kits for Native, Webkit and Java operating environments will be released later this year.

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