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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Computer User: Apology Virus Causing PC Users Problems, Says Sophos 30-Nov-00 03:10:30 ET

Story Highlights:“The Apology virus, a.k.a. MTX in some circles, is causing PC users a lot of hassle, says Sophos, the antivirus specialist. The virus, while not causing serious damage to PCs, was top of the company’s reports chart during October and is set to remain number one in the November chart…”

* * *

“Firstly, he said, the virus, once executed, blocks users from accessing the most popular antivirus companies Web sites. ‘Secondly, it has a very long list of attachment names it can appear as, most of which are psychologically designed to appeal to PC users…'”

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Info World: MTX Virus Gaining Speed In Unusual Ways 29-Nov-00 16:16:20 ET

Story Highlights:“The 3-month-old MTX virus appears to be gaining speed, with several anti-virus vendors escalating the pesky bug to a medium-level threat in recent weeks. The increased worries stem from a particularly harmful feature…”

* * *

“‘We made it a medium threat about two to three weeks ago as we see the number of samples increasing,’ Michael Callahan, director of product marketing at McAfee said. ‘Mostly we see corporate users being hit.’ The virus proves troublesome by changing its subject header…”

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ComputerWeekly: No Ban On Hacking Tools 29-Nov-00 19:11:18 ET

Story Highlights:“The Council of Europe has dropped proposals to outlaw the use of ‘hacking’ tools by IT departments, following an intense lobbying campaign by businesses…”

* * *

“The proposals were contained in the Council of Europes Convention on Crime in Cyberspace, which aims to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to collaborate internationally. The council provoked a storm of protest by including proposals in the treaty that would have made it illegal for anyone to disseminate software…”

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Info World: Dutch Ahead With Adoption Of Cybercrime Pact 29-Nov-00 14:30:42 ET

Story Highlights:“The Netherlands is adopting an international treaty to ease crime fighting in cyberspace even before the treaty has been signed…”

* * *

“The Dutch Department of Justice told members of Parliament on Tuesday that Dutch law needs to be changed to be in accordance with the crime in cyberspace treaty. The treaty is still in draft and has various stages to go before signing, which is expected to take place late next year…”

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The Register: AOL Instant Msgr Accounts Easily Hijacked 29-Nov-00 17:47:23 ET

Story Highlights:“Hackers exploiting a loophole in America Online’s sign-up process have begun taking their pick of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) accounts, hijacking them virtually at will…”

* * *

“The technique emerged early this month on AOL-Files, a meeting place for AOL hackers, where it was born as a harmless hack that allows users to establish AOL accounts with indented screen names. The more sinister applications of the bug became…”

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