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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Forbes: Virus Writers Send Christmas Gifts 04-Dec-00 01:55:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Christmas goodwill in cyberspace might not be as sincere as it seems, virus experts are warning…”

* * *

“Malicious season’s greetings look set to cause the latest computer bug scares, with the first two Christmas viruses already spreading fast. ‘Music,’ which masquerades as a Christmas tune program, is a bug that can update and mutate itself by…”

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Newsbytes: Unhappy New Year Due To Hacker Attacks, Warns FBI 04-Dec-00 09:11:01 ET

Story Highlights:“The National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned that the New Year may bring with it a spate of hacker attacks…”

* * *

“The attacks, the NIST warning says, stem from the fact that the lengthy holiday period may allow hackers to further refine their hacking techniques…”

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ZDNET UK: Police Big Brother Plan Is Illegal Says Liberty 04-Dec-00 04:55:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Government would end up before the European Court of Human Rights if it allowed all our e-mails, phone calls and surfing to be recorded and monitored…”

* * *

“The proposal claims that this would help them to fight cybercrime and online paedophilia. However civil liberty campaigners have condemned the suggestion, which they claim would result in Britain being brought before the European Court of Human Rights…”

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The Register: Pro Linux Virus Rears Its Head 04-Dec-00 11:02:11 ET

Story Highlights:“Out breaks of the newly discovered Linux plugging ProLin virus have been reported in Poland and the American…”

* * *

“Developed by an unknown hacker calling him or herself ‘The Penguin,’ it arrives attached to an e-mail with the subject: ‘A great Shockwave Flash movie.’ Once the program is run, the virus e-mails itself to…”

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Computer User: Trend Micro Warns Over New Shockwave Virus 04-Dec-00 03:10:20 ET

Story Highlights:“Trend Micro has warned its anti-virus software users about a new and highly virulent virus that arrives disguised as a Shockwave Flash movie…”

* * *

“Actually a Trojan horse worm, the virus drops a copy of itself into the Windows Startup folder, meaning it is executed every time Windows is started on the host machine. Upon execution, the Trojan renames all JPG and ZIP files and moves them to…”

Full Story on Computer User

Computer User: Apology Pips Navidad & Kakworm In November Virus Charts 04-Dec-00 03:10:06 ET

Story Highlights:“As revealed a few days ago by Graham Cluley, the firm’s senior technology consultant, Sophos’ November virus reports list says that Apology — also known as MTX — has once again topped the charts…”

* * *

“The figures, released by the anti-virus firm this morning, show that Apology was responsible for 20.4 percent of customer reports of viruses to the company, followed by Navidad and Kakworm…”

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The Register: Palestinian Grackers Give Out Tools To Attack Israelis 04-Dec-00 09:16:38 ET

Story Highlights:“Palestinian crackers have set up a portal that provides one-stop access to hacking tools and viruses, and tips on how to use the tools to mount attacks on Iraeli firms…”

* * *

“The site, whose address has not yet been widely circulated, contains code for the Love Bug, CIH and Melissa viruses along with other hacking tools. Of course most of these programs are available on…”

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BBC: Turkish PM Website Hacked 03-Dec-00 12:24:52 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer hackers have taken over the website of the Turkish Prime Minister’s office in protest against the government’s economic policies…”

* * *

“The hackers, describing themselves as children of underpaid civil servants, left a message on the official website of Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit. They said they were protesting against a proposal to limit pay increases for public sector employees…”

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Nando Times: New York Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking Into NASA Computers 03-Dec-00 08:56:19 ET

Story Highlights:“A 20-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to hacking into computers at a NASA lab that launches unmanned space exploration missions…”

* * *

“Raymond Torricelli of New Rochelle also admitted hacking into a San Jose State University computer system in California to illegally gain access to other computer networks. He also said he stole more than 15 credit card numbers online…”

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