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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Globe Technology: The Internet’s Zen Pirates 06-Dec-00 03:13:29 ET

Story Highlights:“They call themselves the Viper Brothers, the Software Underground Empire, and Armageddon in Russia…”

* * *

“They are the teenaged students of Russia’s first school of computer hacking. And while their skills and bravado might seem dangerous, they say they are the good guys, defending their clients from an international war of viruses, hack attacks and computer crime. The Civil Hackers’ School, operating from a shabby little Moscow apartment…”

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Globe Technology: Alleged Mafiaboy Hacker Violates Bail Conditions 06-Dec-00 03:13:26 ET

Story Highlights:“The Montreal teenager who gained worldwide notoriety when he was accused of paralyzing Yahoo! and other major Web sites has been arrested after breaking his bail conditions and will remain in custody…”

* * *

“The 16-year-old, who is charged with being the hacker known as Mafiaboy, was picked up by police at his high school in a well-to-do Montreal suburb on Friday. Since the start of the school year, he had been suspended six times…”

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TheStandard.Com: EU To Set Up Pan-European Cybercrime Forum 05-Dec-00 20:24:12 ET

Story Highlights:“The European Commission wants to establish a forum on cybercrime to enhance cooperation across borders and discuss sensitivities involved with the issue, Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Antonio Vitorino said Tuesday…”

* * *

“Vitorino was speaking at a discussion meeting on cybercrime in Brussels organized by the European Parliamentarians Internet Group. With the creation of a cybercrime forum — to be established ‘as soon as possible’ — the commission follows in the footsteps of several of its member states…”

Full Story on TheStandard.Com

ZDNET UK: Can Hackers Crack Million-Dollar Dare? 06-Dec-00 05:08:52 ET

Story Highlights:“An Australian company, that claims to have developed the ultimate security-proof system, will soon issue a multi-million dollar dare to the hacking underworld. With a 30-day deadline, the challenge to crack Secure Systems’ Silicon Data Vault technology will be issued…”

* * *

“Whilst everyone else is trying to solve the problem of hacking and fraud by using heavily encrypted software, the Silicon Data Vault is a hardware firewall that sits between the operating system and the hard drive controlling the actions of the user…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

ZDNET UK: The Net’s New Neighbourhood Watch 06-Dec-00 08:24:06 ET

Story Highlights:“Knock-knock, who’s really there? Small business and home users flock to a new site that aims to identify the Net’s shady characters…”

* * *

“The two-week-old site aims to pinpoint the Internet addresses from which Web vandals and network intruders launch attacks. It could become the public equivalent of the information sharing and analysis centres, or ISACs, that major industries are forming to protect themselves…”

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Info World: Shockwave Virus Appears To Do Little Damage 05-Dec-00 20:29:59 ET

Story Highlights:“The newly discpvered ‘Shockwave’ virus appears to be doing less damage than originally feared because corporate users and other intended victims may finally be getting better at dealing with such threats…”

* * *

“‘It speaks to the fact that administrators are getting used to dealing with these kinds of threats,’ Paul Robertson, a senior developer at TruSecure said. For example, he added, users can avoid being infected by following basic security procedures…”

Full Story on Info World

MSNBC: Five Ways To Protect Yourself 06-Dec-00 00:39:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Since the inception of the Internet, being ‘hacked’ was something that only large organizations had to concern themselves with. A couple years ago there was little, if any, threat to the average home user…”

* * *

“Todays ‘e-vandals’ download point-and-click programs that allow them to take control of computers connected to the Internet. Most companies on the Internet do a decent job of protecting themselves from these point-and-click applications, but most home users do not…”

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