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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

E-Commerce Times: FBI Probes Credit Card Info Hack 13-Dec-00 09:03:49 ET

Story Highlights:“The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed Wednesday that it is investigating a case involving the alleged online exposure of up to 55,000 credit card numbers as a result of hacking into the Web site of Los Angeles-based merchant processing firm CreditCards.com…”

* * *

“According to its Web site, Creditcards.com processes credit card transactions for a number of small businesses. Among its clients are…”

Full Story on E-Commerce Times

ZDNET UK: Extortionist Targets Creditcards.com 13-Dec-00 05:23:49 ET

Story Highlights:“A hacker called ‘chad’ leaves the online credit card clearing house hanging after exposing more than 55,000 credit card numbers. The FBI is investigating…”

* * *

“The cyberthief forged an email address — [email protected], apparently in reference to the current election woes — and railed against e-commerce companies and a lack of privacy for which, ironically, the hacker is partially responsible…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

Newsbytes: FBI Probes Hacking Of Creditcards.com 12-Dec-00 19:40:54 ET

Story Highlights:“The FBI said it is investigating a security breach of Creditcard.com that apparently exposed confidential credit card data, an agent said…”

* * *

“A source close to the investigation told Newsbytes the intruder took credit card information from the site and posted it elsewhere on the Internet, where it stayed for ‘no longer than 24 hours.’ The network has been secured, Newsbytes was told…”

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Info World: Credit-Card Numbers Exposed In Extortion Attempt 12-Dec-00 18:44:57 ET

Story Highlights:“A spokeswoman for Creditcards.com Tuesday confirmed that the e-commerce vendor and credit card processing company was the victim of an extortionist who hacked into its Web site and exposed thousands of credit card numbers…”

* * *

“The man chose to take out his anger by hacking into the firm’s Web site and exposing approximately 55,000 credit card numbers on the Internet, Lauren Jean of Creditcards.com said…”

Full Story on Info World

Jerusalem Post: Experts Discuss Threat Of Internet Antisemitism 12-Dec-00 19:27:14 ET

Story Highlights:“The World Wide Web has also become a tool of vast influence wielded by forces of good and evil alike. It is into this dark side of the Internet that experts delved this week at a conference in Jerusalem on Confronting On-Line Terrorism and Antisemitism…”

* * *

“The conference came as the cyber battle between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian hackers continues to wreak havoc on the ‘Net and the question of controlling the unwieldy World Wide Web is becoming more pressing. In the hands of hate groups and terrorists…”

Full Story on Jerusalem Post

CNN: U.K. Antivirus Company Ranks Top 10 Viruses Of 2000 13-Dec-00 10:55:26 ET

Story Highlights:“Throughout 2000, hackers have seemed intent on exploiting the emotional side of human nature. Malicious applications tunneled through the World Wide Web with sneaky subject headers…”

* * *

“But if you have bets on which virus wreaked the most havoc, you may be taken aback by a new report. U.K. antivirus software vendor Sophos PLC Tuesday released a list of the top 10 most insidious viruses of 2000 and expects the list to generate some surprise…”

Full Story on CNN

NUA: Law Officials Lack Resources To Fight Internet Crime 13-Dec-00 08:10:53 ET

Story Highlights:“According to research from Gartner Group, criminals in the US can exploit the Internet with little fear of being caught, as law-enforcement agencies receive little funding to address cyber crime…”

* * *

“Gartner predicts that funding to combat cyber crime will not exceed 1 percent of the total law-enforcement budget for the next four years. During that period, the economic value of cyber crime is expected to increase by 1000 percent…”

Full Story on NUA

Newsbytes: Nations Urged Not To Sign Cybercrime Treaty 12-Dec-00 19:25:39 ET

Story Highlights:“An array of privacy and high-tech groups urged nations of the world not to sign the final draft of an international cybercrime treaty, saying the latest round of changes to the document would not dilute the agreement’s threat to innovation…”

* * *

“In a letter to Council of Europe (CoE) Secretary General Walter Schwimmer and CoE Committee of Experts on Cyber Crime, the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) followed up on an Oct. 18 appeal to scale back certain aspects of the treaty…”

Full Story on Newsbytes

NUA: Security Risks Lie Beneath Broadband Hype 13-Dec-00 06:10:58 ET

Story Highlights:“Almost 16 percent of US online households connected to the Internet via broadband this year, but a new report reveals security risks associated with the use of always-on Internet connections…”

* * *

“There is another cost associated with the growth of broadband connections, however. Crackers (malicious hackers) will be presented with more opportunities to tap into millions of PCs belonging to unwary users…”

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