Daily Cybercrime and Security Report

If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNET News.com: Internet Worm Squirms Into Linux Servers 17-Jan-01 18:45:17 ET

Story Highlights:“Known as the Ramen worm, the self-spreading program appears to have been created by common Internet vandals — called script kiddies — and limits itself to infecting Red Hat servers…”

* * *

“According to Mihai Moldovanu, a Romanian network administrator for Radio ProFM Bucharest, the worm scanned two B-class networks — about 130,000 Internet addresses — in less than 15 minutes…”

Full Story on CNET News.com

Canada.com: Trial Begins Thursday for Montreal Teen Accused of Crippling Web Sites 17-Jan-01 18:45:16 ET

Story Highlights:“The computer hacking and mischief trial of a teenager known as Mafiaboy could redefine reasonable doubt in a relatively uncharted area of Canadian law, says a cyberlaw specialist…”

* * *

“The trial of the 16-year-old Montrealer, set for Thursday, concerns 66 charges relating to attacks last year on several major Web sites, as well as security breaches of other sites at institutions such as Yale and Harvard…”

Full Story on Canada.com

Globe Technology: Tech Tirms Form Cyber-Warning Site 17-Jan-01 02:58:44 ET

Story Highlights:“A group of high-tech heavyweights including Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp. and Nortel Networks Corp. have teamed up to form a national cyber-warning centre to strengthen security over the Internet…”

* * *

“‘Companies from the very biggest to the smallest are using the Internet to grow their businesses,’ Norman Mineta, U.S. Commerce Secretary said. ‘So we can’t sit idly by and let this valuable asset be a target for hackers and terrorists…'”

Full Story on Globe Technology

ZDNET UK: Police Disorganisation Blamed for Rise in Net Crime 18-Jan-01 11:24:04 ET

Story Highlights:“A Metropolitan police chief has blamed lack of organisation in the police force for Britain’s failure to crack down on Internet child pornography…”

* * *

“At the fifth annual Parliamentary ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association) Forum Tuesday, police investigators were accused of often being ignorant about the information that ISPs hold on their customers and the authority that is needed to obtain confidential data…”

Full Story on ZDNET UK

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