Daily Cybercrime and Security Report

If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Excite: Security Flaw Found in Web Software 29-Jan-01 16:43:16 ET

Story Highlights:“Security experts warned Monday of a new software vulnerability that could allow vandals to disrupt portions of the Internet by redirecting Web and e-mail traffic…”

* * *

“If left uncorrected, the flaw could allow an intruder to change those directories. ‘Your e-mail could be routed to the wrong place,’ said Shawn Hernan, a CERT security analyst…”

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MSNBC: DNS Flaw Discovered 29-Jan-01 14:38:50 ET

Story Highlights:“A high-risk flaw in what may be the Internets most important software package could disrupt the operations of every company that maintains a Web site, a U.S. Defense Department-funded research center said on Monday…”

* * *

“Electronic intruders seizing on the newly discovered vulnerability could gain control of domain name servers (DNS), which translate names that are easy to remember…”

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PCWEEK: CERT Issues Advisory on Net Server Software 29-Jan-01 16:38:50 ET

Story Highlights:“Just days after Microsoft Corp.’s Web presence was virtually erased by problems with its domain name server system, the CERT Coordination Center issued an advisory Monday disclosing several potentially dangerous problems…”

* * *

“‘This is one of the most serious types of vulnerabilities in one of the most critical parts of the Internet infrastructure,’ said Jeffrey Lanza, an Internet security analyst at CERT…”

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MSNBC: Microsoft Moves to Thwart Attacks by Hackers with Help from Akamai 29-Jan-01 14:55:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft Corp. hired an outside company to run a backup directory for its major Web sites to fortify them against hacker attacks such as those that crippled the companys Internet presence late last week…”

* * *

“Microsofts chief information officer, Rick Devenuti, said in a statement that the ease with which hackers crippled Microsofts Web presence last week delivered ‘painful lessons.’ The company ‘did not apply sufficient self-defense techniques…'”

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Info World: EU Unveils Plan to Fight Cybercrime 30-Jan-01 08:30:43 ET

Story Highlights:“The European Commission Tuesday revealed details of its proposals to combat cybercrime, first announced late last year…”

* * *

“‘The freedom of the Internet, the source of its very success, has to be preserved,’ said Erkki Liikanen, commissioner in charge of Internet issues, when announcing the proposals. But he added, ‘The fact also is: No security, no trust, no transactions…'”

Full Story on Info World

Forbes: TV Pirates Smacked Down 29-Jan-01 16:39:14 ET

Story Highlights:“In the ongoing grudge match between technology companies and the hackers, it’s not often that you see the hackers sent sprawling to the mat…”

* * *

“Boxes and smart cards used to illegally intercept DirecTV’s programming suddenly ceased to function. DirecTV, a unit of Hughes Electronics (nyse: GMH), had transmitted a signal…”

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