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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Ananova: Experts Reveal Kournikova Virus Origins 13-Feb-01 07:13:07 ET

Story Highlights:“The author of the latest computer virus to be spreading worldwide used a toolkit widely available on the internet…”

* * *

“Security experts say that the Anna Kournikova virus was produced by web vandals, known as script kiddies, using an easy to use application…”

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Forbes: Kournikova Virus Lobs E-Mails Round World 13-Feb-01 07:08:13 ET

Story Highlights:Hackers are using a promised photograph of sexy Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova to serve up a fast-spreading computer virus…”

* * *

“It uses a so-called worm to spread just like last year’s ‘Love Bug’ or ‘Love Letter’ virus, which infected some 15 million computers and sent servers crashing around the world as unsuspecting users…”

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Ananova: Virus Uses Kournikova to Lure Computer Nerds 13-Feb-01 06:58:52 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer experts are receiving hundreds of calls from worried companies following the spread of an e-mail virus which promises a photograph of Anna Kournikova…”

* * *

“Experts say the new virus is spreading at twice the rate of the Love Bug, which paralysed the e-mail servers of more than 100 million users last year…”

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Excite: Asia Backhands Tennis Star Virus 13-Feb-01 06:42:24 ET

Story Highlights:“With a day to prepare, companies in Asia were ready Tuesday for the e-mail clogging virus that promised to deliver an electronic photo of the blond teen-age tennis star…”

* * *

“Australia was hit hardest, with an estimated 100,000 computers infected by the e-mail. However, other governments in Asia reported little or no impact…”

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SiliconValley.com: Hacker Tempts E-mail Users with Kournikova Virus 13-Feb-01 05:09:08 ET

Story Highlights:“Lured by the promise of photos of leggy blond tennis player Anna Kournikova, thousands of computer users clicked on an e-mail attachment Monday — only to get a virus instead…”

* * *

“Computer experts said the virus — a so-called Internet worm virus that spreads quickly through e-mail attachments — was probably the biggest one they had seen since the ‘Love Bug’ last year…”

Full Story on SiliconValley.com

The Age: Kournikova Virus Causes Chaos in Australia 13-Feb-01 03:58:50 ET

Story Highlights:“The lure of seeing a picture of one of the world’s most glamorous sport stars sparked a virus that caused chaos for computer users today…”

* * *

“At least one million of the emails were still circulating through Australian businesses tonight, international anti-virus research company Trend Micro said…”

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