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If you do business on the Internet, you cannot afford to be uninformed about the dangers and pitfalls that cybercrime poses. The following is a daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNET: Chernobyl Virus Ready for a Return Run 25-Apr-01 20:55:29 ET

Story Highlights:“Known as CIH, or the more dire-sounding Chernobyl, the virus first hit a month after the Melissa virus three years ago and is due to strike on Thursday…”

* * *

“Antivirus software company Trend Micro warned that though the outbreak may not be severe or widespread, CIH can nevertheless wreak havoc on a computer’s hard disk by deleting…”

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Info World: Chernobyl to Hit Again Thursday 25-Apr-01 18:45:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Chernobyl, a 3-year-old virus that devastated thousands of computers worldwide when it first hit in 1999, is set to become active again Thursday…”

* * *

The virus, officially called CIH but better known by its more incendiary moniker, is triggered every April 26…”

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Newsbytes: Crackers Using Denial-of-Service Tool Variant – CERT 25-Apr-01 18:09:55 ET

Story Highlights:“A minor variant on a widely-used program similar to the tool used by malicious hackers to bring down several high-profile e-commerce sites last February is now circulating the Web…”

* * *

“Investigators at CERT, formerly known as the Computer Emergency Response Team, warned Web administrators to be on the lookout for the new tool, known as ‘Carko’…”

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ZDNET: No FunLove – Microsoft Spreads a Virus 25-Apr-01 4:21:13 ET

Story Highlights:“Microsoft representatives acknowledged Wednesday that the company may have infected up to 26 of its top support customers with a tenacious virus that spread to a key server late last week…”

* * *

“Known as FunLove, the virus was first discovered in November 1999 and is known for its ability to infect Windows NT servers — in addition to computers running Windows 95, Window 98 and Windows Millennium Edition — by posing as a system program…”

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ZDNET UK: Playing the Computer Hacking Game 26-Apr-01 14:31:18 ET

Story Highlights:“The best way to train computer security experts to react to major incidents such as a hacker break-in or a virus outbreak could be through game playing…”

* * *

“Schwartau, editor of US computer crime Web site Infowar.com and author of books on computer hacking culture including ‘Information Security,’ ‘CyberShock’ and ‘Time Based Security’ believes that ‘game’ simulations provide the best method for…”

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The Register: Meet America’s New Top Cybercop 25-Apr-01 18:53:24 ET

Story Highlights:“The new head of the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) says it takes time to turn FBI agents into a cyber defense team…”

* * *

“Created by Presidential directive in February 1998, the NIPC was intended to be a multi-agency command center for evaluating, investigating and responding to physical and cyber attacks on…”

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