Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for August 21, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

Wired: Wireless Networks in Big Trouble 20-Aug-01 17:23:18 ET

Story Highlights:“Wireless networks are a little less secure today with the public release of ‘AirSnort,’ a tool that can surreptitiously grab and analyze data moving across just about every major wireless network…”

* * *

“When enough information has been captured, AirSnort can then piece together the system’s master password…”

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The Register: Virus Poses as Antivirus Utility 21-Aug-01 07:30:46 ET

Story Highlights:“A worm which poses as a virus clean up utility has appeared…”

* * *

“Fortunately All3gro is neither spreading rapidly nor doing much harm but it is a sign that virus writers are coming up with fresh social engineering techniques through which they hope to snare the unwary…”

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The Age: Soccer: Japan’s World Cup Web Site Targeted by Hackers 21-Aug-01 03:58:38 ET

Story Highlights:“The official website of Japan’s organising committee for the 2002 World Cup finals (JAWOC) has been shut down after computer hackers succeeded in leaving an obscene message on it…”

* * *

“The intrusion was discovered late on Friday, when JAWOC officials had difficulty opening the homepage…”

Full Story on The Age McAfee Dedicates Itself to Fighting Zombies 20-Aug-01 17:53:41 ET

Story Highlights:“One of the lessons, McAfee, a division of Network Associates (NASDAQ:NETA) says it learned from the ‘Code Red’ attacks, is the expanding presence and usage of Zombie Agents…”

* * *

“Malicious hackers sometimes use Zombies (or RATS – remote access Trojans) to launch denial of service (DoS) attacks…”

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[email protected] Week: Insurer: Microsoft Is A Costly Choice 20-Aug-01 16:24:24 ET

Story Highlights:“Insurance broker J.S. Wurzler Underwriting Managers has started charging up to 15 percent more in premiums to clients that use Microsoft’s Internet Information Server software, which the Code Red worm feasted on…”

* * *

“In light of the $2 billion in damage caused by Code Red, founder and CEO John Wurzler’s decision just before the virus hit seems prescient…”

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