Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for August 9, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

The Register: Dangers of the Google Tool Bar Exposed 09-Aug-02 00:01:29 ET

Story Highlights:“A series of attacks based on a flaw in the way the Google tool bar uses URLs to alter browser settings has been described by Israeli security outfit GreyMagic Software…”

* * *

“In its mildest forms, exploiting the bug will allow an attacker to irritate a user with such stunts as clearing his toolbar history or uninstalling the Google feature…”

Full Story on The Register

PCWorld: Simple Code is Secure Code, Expert Says 07-Aug-02 17:30:20 ET

Story Highlights:“When it comes to writing secure code, less is more…”

* * *

“That was the advice passed down Thursday by security expert Paul Kocher, president of Cryptography Research, who told the Usenix Security Symposium here that more powerful computer systems and increasingly complex code will be a growing cause of insecure networks…”

Full Story on PCWorld

The Register: Attacking Nimda-Infected Attackers 08-Aug-02 13:08:36 ET

Story Highlights:“A presentation at Blackhat last week by Tim Mullen of AnchorIs, offering a novel treatment for the Nimda worm, has caused considerable controversy because it involves taking unauthorized actions against the offending box…”

* * *

“Mullen has come up with two possible ways of shutting down the bandwidth-hungry attacks when an infected IIS box attempts to spread the worm, each with its own advantages and problems…”

Full Story on The Register

EETimes: Actel Pushes for Better FPGA Security Safeguards 08-Aug-02 16:08:22 ET

Story Highlights:“With so much intellectual property being crammed into fewer and fewer ICs, the threat of hackers or rogue rivals tinkering with or stealing the code is prompting more companies to ponder possible security holes in their designs and how to sew them up…”

* * *

“Experts say there’s no way to stop a chip’s security wall from being breached given the right expertise and equipment…”

Full Story on EETimes

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