Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for January 14, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNet: Experts Name Top Web Site Security Flaws 14-Jan-03 08:44:04 ET

Story Highlights:“A group of security experts on Monday released a list of Web site flaws that it believes are the primary culprits in undermining the security of online applications…”

* * *

“The top vulnerability: Sites that don’t validate information before sending it to another server…”

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MSNBC: More Computer Viruses Expected 14-Jan-03 20:11:12 ET

Story Highlights:“Computer users should brace for a new onslaught of viruses this year…”

* * *

“Sophos also expects to see a rise in the number of so-called ‘Backdoor Trojans,’ which open up holes in operating systems, enabling hackers to implant Remote Access Tools (RATs) that can operate an infected computer by remote control…”

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Nando Times: Music, Tech Groups To Announce Compromise on Downloading 14-Jan-03 11:12:07 ET

Story Highlights:“The leading trade associations for the music and technology industries, which have been at loggerheads over consumers downloading songs on the Internet, have negotiated a compromise…”

* * *

“These companies, including Microsoft Corp., IBM, Intel Corp. and Dell Computer Corp., also will announce support for aggressive enforcement against digital pirates…”

Full Story on Nando Times News Server Glitch Angers AOL Customers 14-Jan-03 08:47:15 ET

Story Highlights:“For a period of nine or 10 days, America Online users were unable to post messages to the venerable USENET distributed discussion system, apparently due to a technical problem which prevented messages from propagating beyond AOL’s news servers…”

* * *

“Hundreds to thousands of members cite tech support woes, form letters being returned in response to their complaints, and America Online’s own system status report indicating there are no known problems at this time…”

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