Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for January 29, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

BBC: How the Net Leaves Itself Open to Attack 28-Jan-03 12:05:58 ET

Story Highlights:“The net is making itself unnecessarily vulnerable to crippling attacks…”

* * *

“Analysis of the queries sent to one of the net’s core address books show that 98% of them could have been handled by other parts of the network…”

Full Story on BBC

MSNBC: Music Industry Site Hacked Again 29-Jan-03 09:47:56 ET

Story Highlights:“The Web site of the U.S. recording industry’s trade group remained offline Tuesday as federal officials probed the source of the hacking attack that has rendered the site unreachable since Friday…”

* * *

“The Web site of the Recording Industry Association of America,, has been a favorite hacker target since at least last summer, as the trade group pursues KaZaA and other Internet ‘peer-to-peer’ song-swapping sites that allow users to download music for free…”

Full Story on MSNBC

CNN: Experts: Internet Attack Hunt Difficult 29-Jan-03 10:01:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Leading experts on Internet security are skeptical that the FBI and other investigators will be able to track down the person responsible for last weekend’s attack on the Internet…”

* * *

“These experts, including many who provide technical advice to the FBI and other U.S. agencies, said exhaustive reviews of the blueprints for the attacking software are yielding few clues to its origin or the author’s identity…”

Full Story on CNN

Washington Post: Internet Worm Unearths New Holes 29-Jan-03 08:01:55 ET

Story Highlights:“The computer bug that ravaged systems throughout the world over the weekend showed how the increasing use of the Internet by businesses, banks and local governments has created vulnerabilities where few ever suspected them…”

* * *

“In just a few hours, the ‘Sapphire’ worm, consisting of a minute bit of software code, shut down some Bank of America Corp. ATMs, fouled Continental Airlines’ online ticketing system and essentially blacked out an emergency call center in Seattle…”

Full Story on Washington Post

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