Daily Cybercrime and Security Report for July 10, 2001

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ZDNet UK: News Schmooze: Hackers, Slumps and Spies Oh My! 10-Jul-01 06:36:15 ET

Story Highlights:“Hitachi wants to give you an identity, the crusading hacker is sentenced and UK companies have woken up to the new, new economy…”

* * *

“Raphael Gray, 19, had the unique idea of demonstrating how unsafe Internet shopping can be by stealing thousands of credit cards and posting them online, leading to criminals buying millions of pounds’ worth of automobiles…”

Full Story on ZDNet UK

Wired: Smoking Mad Over Pot Virus 10-Jul-01 06:36:15 ET

Story Highlights:“An annoying but relatively harmless virus that advocates legalizing marijuana is making enemies out of some potential allies: potheads…”

* * *

“Unlike Stoned, which appeared a dozen years ago and could corrupt all data on a disk drive, the Marijuana virus doesn’t damage victims’ PCs…”

Full Story on Wired

ZDNET: Living in a State of Denial 10-Jul-01 09:07:15 ET

Story Highlights:“If service providers don’t move faster to prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks, hackers and script kiddies can grab their suntan lotion and head for the beach this summer because there will still be ample opportunity to bring sites to a screeching halt once the season is over…”

* * *

“To an I-manager, a DDOS attack — a flood of junk traffic blasted at a site — is about as frustrating a security concern as there is in this business…”

Full Story on ZDNET

The Register: FireWall-1 Users Feel the Heat From Security Bug 10-Jul-01 10:30:40 ET

Story Highlights:“Security clearing house CERT has issued a security notice warning that the protection offered by a market leading firewall could be side stepped by determined crackers…”

* * *

“According to an advisory issued by CERT yesterday, a vulnerability in Check Point FireWall-1 (version 4.1) and VPN-1 may allow an intruder to pass traffic through the firewall on port 259/UDP by faking packet headers…”

Full Story on The Register

Newsbytes: Commerce Dept. Safe Harbor Privacy Site Not So Safe 09-Jul-01 08:07:09 ET

Story Highlights:“A government Web site encouraging U.S. companies to take part in an international privacy protection agreement underwent a major overhaul last week, after officials realized the pages gave away sensitive information about participating companies…”

* * *

“Web administrators at the U.S. Commerce Department on Thursday scrambled to shut down several Web sites containing information on…”

Full Story on Newsbytes

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