Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for June 11, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world. White House Stressing Unorthodox in IT Security Fight 10-Jun-02 18:50:17 ET

Story Highlights:“The Bush administration is playing ‘dirty’ with the private sector in a roundabout attempt to fortify the nation’s computer security defenses…”

* * *

“Richard Clarke, the president’s special adviser for cyberspace security, said unorthodox approaches may be needed to get the attention of companies that own and operate the infrastructure of the Internet yet do not respond to the administration’s self-regulatory, hands-off approach to cybersecurity…”

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The Register: Klez, The Poor-Man’s Virus 10-Jun-02 13:06:20 ET

Story Highlights:“Despite its virulence, the Klez worm is ignored by the newspapers and dismissed by the digerati…”

* * *

“Could the demographics of its victims be a factor? Repeatedly dubbed the most common virus ever in recent reports from on-line newsmongers, it has yet to break into print in any interesting way…”

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BBC: Simple Password Holds the Key 11-Jun-02 14:43:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Norwegians may be thankful that a researcher at a museum was less than inventive in choosing a password to protect its electronic library…”

* * *

“Reidar Djupedal took to the grave the password he had chosen for the electronic archive of books and documents. But it only took hackers five hours to cracked the code and unlock the valuable archive…”

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The Register: Find the Rogue Protocols 10-Jun-02 13:06:20 ET

Story Highlights:“San Diego-based startup Akonix Systems Inc is offering companies a way to monitor and regulate employees’ use of insecure internet services such as instant messaging, with the launch of its first product, L7, yesterday…”

* * *

“The software targets ‘rogue protocols’, defined as those that intentionally avoid network security…”

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