Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for June 5, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

MSNBC: Evolving Viruses Threat to Platforms 05-Jun-02 05:12:09 ET

Story Highlights:“A new virus called Simile.D may not be much of a threat to computer systems, but some of its technical tricks could lead to a rethinking of the principles underlying antivirus software…”

* * *

“The program has code that not only works hard to hide the virus’ presence, it also randomizes the program’s size so as to make it harder to identify…”

Full Story on MSNBC

InfoWorld: New IE Flaw Enables Remote PC Attacks 05-Jun-02 07:06:25 ET

Story Highlights:“Another security flaw identified in Microsoft’s IE 5.5 and 6.0 Web browsers has the potential to give a remote user access to a host computer…”

* * *

“The attack exploits IE’s built-in gopher client. Gopher is a nearly obsolete protocol for accessing remote directories and files which has been largely superseded by the Web and Hypertext Transfer Protocol…”

Full Story on InfoWorld

Wired: Did MS Pay for Open-Source Scare? 05-Jun-02 02:00:28 ET

Story Highlights:“‘Opening the Open Source Debate,’ a white paper slated to be released Friday by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, indicates that open-source software is inherently less secure than proprietary software. The report warns governments against relying on open-source software for national security…”

* * *

“Open-source advocates wondered if the white paper is actually a veiled Microsoft response to recent reports of rising government and military interest in open-source systems…”

Full Story on Wired

ZDNET: BIND Glitches Could Trigger DoS Attacks 05-Jun-02 06:30:21 ET

Story Highlights:“Security organizations have issued an alert about a BIND vulnerability which could see companies face denial-of-service attacks…”

* * *

“The vulnerability is found in version 9 of the Internet Software Consortium’s BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) server. If it’s exploited by an attacker, the BIND server would stop responding until rebooted…”

Full Story on ZDNET

Network Computing: Review: Elite Solution Secures WLANs 05-Jun-02 08:51:29 ET

Story Highlights:“The IEEE 802.11 committee has done a credible job developing workable wireless LAN standards that address the physical and data-link layers, but the absence of a standards-based security architecture is a big headache for organizations contemplating a large-scale rollout of WLAN services…”

* * *

“Even before WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption got hacked last year, vendors and enterprise users recognized that something more was required for WLAN security…”

Full Story on Network Computing

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