Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for June 6, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ComputerWorld: CERT Warns of BIND Problem; Sun Patches Solaris Flaws 05-Jun-02 08:56:43 ET

Story Highlights:“A flaw in a software tool used to translate text-based Internet domain names into numerical addresses could make parts of the Internet vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) warned yesterday…”

* * *

“In an unrelated security move yesterday, Sun Microsystems Inc. released patches to close two security holes in its Solaris operating system…”

Full Story on ComputerWorld

The Register: Security Through Obsolescence 06-Jun-02 07:06:00 ET

Story Highlights:“Here’s an interesting way to secure an Internet-connected computer against intruders: Make sure the operating system and software it runs are so old that current hacking tools won’t work on it…”

* * *

“This was suggested by Brian Aker, one of the programmers who works on, NewsForge, Slashdot, and other OSDN sites; he runs several servers of his own that host a number of small non-profit sites in the Seattle area…”

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Wired: Dead Men Tell No Passwords 05-Jun-02 12:08:51 ET

Story Highlights:“The man in charge of archiving and maintaining electronic copies of Norway’s most important historical documents is dead and so is access to those archives…”

* * *

“So the director of the Norwegian cultural center is pleading for hackers to help him crack the center’s password-protected database…”

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ComputerWorld: Clarke Warns Educators About Need for Better Security 05-Jun-02 07:41:29 ET

Story Highlights:“Despite evidence of al-Qaeda’s research into American utility companies gleaned from laptops seized after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, don’t expect the National Security Agency, CIA and FBI to warn businesses when a cyberattack might take place…”

* * *

“That was the message delivered yesterday by the president’s cybersecurity czar, Richard Clarke, to 300 educators attending the sixth annual National Colloquium for Computer Security Education at Microsoft’s conference center…”

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